Fixes - Lumberyard Release Notes


Lumberyard Beta 1.17 resolves earlier problems. Choose a topic area to learn more about the related fixes.


The cinematics system has the following fixes:

  • The Track View no longer stops working when you use the redo and undo functionality.

  • The redo and undo functionality now works properly in the Curve Editor.

  • The up and down buttons now work properly in the Key Properties dialog box.

  • You can no longer erroneously use quotation marks in the file prefix. Previously this prevented the Render Output tool from generating screenshots and videos.

  • The Simple Motion component is now removed when you remove the Actor component from an entity.

  • The Render Output tool is now disabled when you’re in game mode.

  • You can now extend or shorten a looped motion track.

  • Keys on a compound track now report values for subtracks.

  • When you deselect a sequence, it no longer erroneously appears in the Sequence drop-down list.


Slices have the following fixes:

  • Duplicating slice instance entities is now more stable.

  • Various performance improvements include serializing slices, decreasing the slice save time, and increasing system reliability.

  • Slices now have improved container serialization.

  • The zoom to selection functionality (keyboard shortcut Z) is now unified between the Entity Outliner and the viewport.

  • You can now save slices that have splines with deleted points.

  • Cubemap assets now save properly to nested slices.

  • You can now create an instance from a nested slice within a slice.

  • Component dependency sorting no longer misidentifies objects as being incompatible when a component provides the same service twice.

  • You no longer need to restart the editor to view changes to nested slices.

  • Entering a rotation value in one of the axis fields no longer modifies all of the axes in the viewport.

  • Material and texture asset reference fields are now detectable as an override when you modify these fields from the source slice data.

  • The Thumbnailer component is now self-compatible.

UI Editor

You can now push a new slice instance into a UI slice.