Release Notes

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Lumberyard Beta 1.19 resolves earlier problems. Choose a topic area to learn more about the related fixes.


The PhysX system has the following fixes:

  • The editor no longer stops working when you click the Asset Editor icon to add a PhysX material in the PhysX Collider component.

  • The Asset Editor now correctly shows the option to create a PhysX material.

  • The editor no longer stops working when you drag an FBX file that has a convex collision into the viewport.

  • The editor no longer stops working when you spawn an entity using PhysX nodes in the Script Canvas editor.

  • A static slice no longer automatically spawns when a dynamic PhysX component is spawned.

  • The editor no longer stops working when you add a second PhysX Terrain component to your level.

  • The editor no longer stops working if you add a PhysX Terrain component to a level that is 32 km x 32 km or larger.

  • The editor no longer crashes when you enter gameplay mode for the second time while the PhysX Visual Debugger is running.

  • The PhysX::SystemRequestsBus is no longer called from background threads.

  • Adding a Mesh Collider component to an entity no longer adds a static Mesh component to the entity.

  • The serializer no longer displays error messages when children of the ShapeConfiguration can't be read from disk.

  • In the Entity Inspector, the PhysX Collider component no longer appears out of focus when you change its properties.

  • You can no longer create PhysX materials with the same name in the Asset Editor.

Script Canvas

Script Canvas has the following fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with the divide by zero error in Division mode.

  • Slots with default values now display the correct value type. You can now edit the values in the node.

  • Added general node splicing improvements.

  • Added a fix for infinite BatchConversion.

  • The error message for the unit test OSAllocator is corrected.

  • Node groups no longer enable edit mode on container nodes when you pause on them.

  • Added user feedback for bad data insert.

  • The m_refCount no longer stops working when running in debug mode.

  • Added Get Name to the sequence bus.

  • Exposed the category grouping.

  • Improved entry flow for container Wizard Invalid Type.

  • Fixed error messages for Connection Reflection.

  • Fixed an issue with the Script Canvas command-line widget.

  • Fixed an issue where deleted elements weren't properly removed from Save Data.

  • Variable references no longer disappear when you save your script.

  • Fixed an issue for unnecessary EntityId remapping and an issue when associative containers and slice pushing.

  • Improved the minimum panel size improvements.

  • Added sorted control to graph variables.

  • Added improvements to the interaction with node group frames.

  • Added improvements to the variable usage highlight and finding instances of elements in use.

  • Fixed an issue for Bad Latent Execution Flow warnings.

  • Fixed an issue for font settings not applying correctly when loading the graph.

  • Fixed an issue for multiple mouse button interactions.

  • Fixed an issue for the ExtractProperty and ForEach not working correctly with undo actions.


Lumberyard has the following miscellaneous fixes:

  • The rinActor.mtl no longer disappears when you drag a slice into a newly created level or load the Advanced_RinLocomotion level.

  • The Environment Probe component now works correctly while you're running the game in the editor.