Lumberyard Release Notes – Beta 1.27.1 (March 2021) - Lumberyard Release Notes

Lumberyard Release Notes – Beta 1.27.1 (March 2021)

It’s a busy time in Lumberyard! There’s more coming soon, but for now, we’re releasing Amazon Lumberyard 1.27.1 to address a Python security issue.


We’ve updated our minimum supported Python version from 3.7.5 to 3.7.10 to address a security issue discovered in the 3.7.5 release. Please update your version of Lumberyard to 1.27.1 to get this fix!

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Looking to get v1.27.1 of Amazon Lumberyard? Download it here.

Lumberyard 1.27.1 Beta Visual Studio Requirements

+ * Amazon Lumberyard Beta 1.27.1 now supports up to Visual Studio 2017 version 15.9.27 or 2019 version 16.7.3, including the Community Edition for both.

  • The minimum required versions are:

    • Visual Studio 2017 (any Edition): version 15.9.14, or:

    • Visual Studio 2019 (any Edition): version 16.2.4

NOTE: There are some issues that arise when using the MSVC compiler shipped with Visual Studio 2019 versions 16.8, 16.8.1, and 16.8.2. For more details, check out the Lumberyard 1.27 Known Issues.