Lumberyard Release Notes – Beta 1.4 (August 2016) - Lumberyard Release Notes

Open 3D Engine (O3DE), the successor to Lumberyard, is now available in Developer Preview. Download O3DE or visit the AWS Game Tech blog to learn more.

Lumberyard Release Notes – Beta 1.4 (August 2016)

With Lumberyard Beta 1.4, we continue to add new features, improvements, and fixes. As we continue to improve Lumberyard, we want to thank everyone in our developer community. Without your participation in the forums, your messages, and your bug reports, Lumberyard 1.4 wouldn’t be as strong as it is. Keep sending your feedback to If you haven’t spoken up on the forums yet, we would love to have you. You can also keep up with new changes on our blog and leave comments to let us know what you think.


Here’s a sampling of the new features found in Lumberyard 1.4.

News Messages Now Appear in Lumberyard Editor

Each time you launch Lumberyard Editor, you now see review news, blog posts, release notes, and more in the Welcome to Lumberyard Editor dialog box. You can disable the news messages by clicking File, Global Preferences, Editor Settings in the editor and deselecting Show Welcome to Lumberyard at startup.

               editor news messages

New Gem Samples Demonstrate Environment Special Effects

New gem samples include Rain, Snow, Lightning Arc, Clouds, and Game Effects System. You can enable these gems in the Project Configurator.

  • The rain sample uses the Rain, Clouds, and LightningArc gems to demonstrate how to use rain as an environment special effects in a level. For more information, see Rain Gem.

                     shared gem sample rain
  • The snow sample uses the Snow and Clouds gems to demonstrate how to use the Snow entity as an environment special effects in a level. For more information, see Snow Gem.

                     shared gem sample snow
  • The lightning arc sample uses the LightningArc gem to demonstrate the various prescripted arc types. For more information, see Lightning Arc Gem.

                     shared gem sample lightning arc example animation

New Decal Sample File Demonstrates Using Decals in a Level

A new sample file called Decal_Sample demonstrates how to use decals in a level file. The map uses a road surface and applies decals for crosswalks, turn lanes, and skid marks to show a method for altering surfaces with decal textures. You can access the Decal_Sample level by clicking File, Open, Levels, Samples in Lumberyard Editor.

               decal screenshot 01

Use Lua Scripting to Control a Mannequin Controller for a Character

Lumberyard Beta 1.4 provides a new API with which you can control a mannequin controller for a character through Lua scripting. The sample Lua-based state machine (located in the \Components\Controllable_Chicken demo level) demonstrates how to use mannequin controller.

Live Reload Skin Files Automatically in Lumberyard Editor

Lumberyard Beta 1.4 supports automatic live reloading of skin files in Lumberyard Editor, editor game mode, and PC games, when the files change on disk. This helps you to more easily iterate on these assets.

Use Gems to Define Cloud Canvas Resource Manager Resource Groups

Lumberyard Beta 1.4 introduces two updates for Cloud Canvas:

  • You can now use gems to define Cloud Canvas Resource Manager resource groups.

  • The lmbr_aws command line tool now supports an import-resource command that creates definitions from existing AWS resources in a Cloud Canvas Resource Manager resource group. You can use the list-importable-resources command to list the available resources for importing.

For more information about resource groups, see Working with Resource Groups.

New Functionality in the VR Controller Level

Lumberyard Beta 1.4 provides a VR_BoxGarden_Sample level in SamplesProject that includes a motion controller setup and input event scripting example. Other new features include the following:

  • Ability to see the size of your space identified by your room space’s settings.

                     vr controller01
                     vr controller02
  • Ability to use the controllers to shoot down boxes in the sky.

                     VR BoxGarden Sample

You can preview the level in Lumberyard Editor, or you can load the level on a VR device using a standalone launcher. To load the level on a VR device using a standalone launcher, enable the console variables in the level.cfg file (located in the \dev\SamplesProject\Levels\Samples\VR_BoxGarden_Sample directory).

Preview Your UI Canvas to See How Interactive Components Change States

Lumberyard Beta 1.4 provides a new preview mode in the UI Editor so that you can preview your canvas at different screen resolutions and see how interactive components change states without needing to implement code or flow graphs to load your canvas in game. In addition, UI canvases now support mouse-free keyboard and gamepad operation for navigation between elements and interaction with elements. For more information, see Previewing Canvases.

GridMate Supports Encrypted Connections

Encrypted GridMate connections using OpenSSL datagram transport layer security (DTLS) is now supported. This type of connection helps to prevent eavesdropping, tampering, or message forgery. For more information, see Networking System.

Amazon GameLift Now Tracks the Health of Each Game Server Process

Amazon GameLift now tracks the health of each game server process in a fleet and automatically terminates and restarts any process that has been reported as unhealthy for three consecutive minutes. By default Amazon GameLift assumes a process is healthy unless it fails to respond to a request for health status. Alternatively, you can implement a customized health check process that lets you define when a process is healthy or unhealthy. For more information, see the Amazon GameLift Developer Guide.