Lumberyard Release Notes – Beta 1.5 (September 2016) - Lumberyard Release Notes

Open 3D Engine (O3DE), the successor to Lumberyard, is now available in Developer Preview. Download O3DE or visit the AWS Game Tech blog to learn more.

Lumberyard Release Notes – Beta 1.5 (September 2016)

With Lumberyard Beta 1.5, we continue to add new features, improvements, and fixes. As we continue to improve Lumberyard, we want to thank everyone in our developer community. Without your participation in the forums, your messages, and your bug reports, Lumberyard 1.5 wouldn’t be as strong as it is. Keep sending your feedback to If you haven’t spoken up on the forums yet, we would love to have you. You can also keep up with new changes on our blog and leave comments to let us know what you think.


Here’s a sampling of the new features found in Lumberyard 1.5.

New Sample Level Demonstrates Particle Effects

The Particles Sample level showcases particles from the various Lumberyard systems and demonstrates how to create high quality effects using simple and advanced features in the Particle Editor. Currently the sample level includes a fire effect and a laser effect, with plans to add more particles in the future. For more information, see Samples Project.

               shared fire animation example

               laser anim

Search and Sort Game Sessions

Use Amazon GameLift’s new game session search feature to find best matches for players or populate a game session browser. You can filter results based on session age, player slot availability, current player counts, and other characteristics. For more information, see Working with Game Sessions.

               gamelift session search

Updated Functionality for UI Canvases and Elements

Lumberyard Beta 1.5 adds a nudging ability to the UI Editor. Press an arrow key to move UI elements one pixel or Shift+any arrow key to move UI elements 10 pixels. In addition, you can now flag UI canvases to render to a texture. This allows you to use the render target as a texture on a material and display a UI canvas on an object in the 3D world. For more information, see UI System.

Cloud Canvas Adds an AWS Resource Importer

Cloud Canvas provides a new AWS resource importer that allows you to create AWS resources directly from Lumberyard by importing using Amazon resource names or importing from a list.

               cloud canvas importer arn

You can import the following resources:

  • DynamoDB table

  • Amazon S3 bucket

  • Lambda function

  • Amazon SNS topic

  • Amazon SQS queue

For more information, see Cloud Canvas.

AzTestScanner Supports Integration Tests

The AzTestScanner is a tool that you can use to run tests that are built into Lumberyard libraries and executables. The tool simplifies the process by automatically finding libraries and executables to test while allowing you to focus on testing Lumberyard areas of interest. The AzTestScanner now supports integration tests, which are run in the engine with the active project. For more information, see Using AzTestScanner.