Fixes - Lumberyard Release Notes


Lumberyard Beta 1.6 includes the following fixes:

Asset Processor

  • The Asset Processor now retains the specified proxy IP between sessions.

  • The Asset Processor no longer deletes built assets for a specific operating system when you build assets for a different operating system.

  • Double-clicking a failed job now displays the log files and information.

  • Replacing an asset file with a new version of the file using a drag-and-drop copy method now works properly.

Az Code Generator

  • The Az Code Generator parser now properly handles parentheses in strings and single quotation marks.

  • The parser now properly handles list type values and supports multiple base classes, runtime type information (RTTI) types, and similar constructs.

Character and Animation

  • Geppetto:

    • Fixed an issue where read-only qualities would temporarily display as editable in the right pane.

    • Fixed an issue where the first save of a CHRPARAMS file did not update the file on disk and reverted the UI to the previous state.

    • Fixed a repeating warning that occurred when invalid blendspace indices were added in Geppetto.


  • The Track View no longer allows the addition of AZ::Entity entities, which are not supported. Support for legacy entities remains unchanged.

Cloud Canvas

  • The BaseLambdaFlowNode files have been removed from Lumberyard.

  • The Cloud Canvas Resource Manager no longer returns an access violation error when attempting to right-click a lambda resource under the project-template.json file.

  • The Cloud Canvas Resource Manager now displays all created deployments in the Create Deployment window.

  • The keyboard shortcuts for search (Ctrl+F) and save (Ctrl+S) now work properly.

  • Setting up a default deployment now works as expected.

  • Creating a new deployment now works as expected.

  • Creating a new project stack now works as expected.

  • Creating a deployment with user-created resources now works as expected.

  • All versions of Darwin now compile as expected.

  • Levels now successfully load on macOS.

  • File type and encoding issues with Python files have been fixed to prevent integration errors.

  • The Don't Die sample level now launches correctly.

  • The Don't Die sample level no longer displays an errant message while in game mode.

  • When attempting to create a deployment without an active project, an error message now displays to indicate the project stack does not exist.

  • ConsumerTests now report the expected attribute values in the SendSimpleEvent.

  • When adding a resource group with an unauthorized non-admin account, the resource group is now displayed in the UI.

  • The Add Resource dialog box in the Cloud Canvas Resource Manager now validates the name of the resource to ensure it adheres to naming conventions.

  • Creating a new project stack without creating a deployment no longer produces an assert.

  • The Credentials Manager now displays an error if an AWS secret key, AWS access key, or profile name are not provided when adding a profile.

  • The project stack name can now accept up to 20 characters.

  • Cloud Canvas resource mappings are now updated more frequently.

  • More informative error messages are now displayed if resource mapping is not properly configured.

  • Detailed delete information is no longer displayed if a deployment is incomplete or not loaded in the UI.

  • Creating an S3 bucket resource now works as expected.

  • The AttributeComparisonType input for the ScanTable node now uses a drop-down list from which to select options.

  • The output ports for the DynamoDBGet node now use their correct data types. DataOut outputs a string type attribute. NumberOut outputs a number type attribute. BoolOut outputs a bool type attribute.

Component Entity System

  • The Script component now correctly indexes arrays that are defined in the property grid (indexed from 1, per Lua convention).

  • OnSpawned has been removed from the Lua API for the Spawner component. Lumberyard does not reflect AZStd::vector to script.

  • Each entity in the spawned slice now calls OnEntitySpawned to SpawnerComponentNotificationBus for the Spawner component.

  • GameEntityContextRequestBus has a new function to destroy entities from script. Note that deleting an entity does not delete the entities in its transform hierarchy.

    deleteentityexample = { Properties = { EntityToDelete = { entity= "" , description= "Entity that will be deleted." }, }, } function deleteentityexample:OnActivate() local gameEntityRequestBus = GameEntityContextRequestBusSender(); gameEntityRequestBus:DestroyGameEntityById(self.Properties.EntityToDelet e) end
  • The Create Component Entity context menu has been removed when a level is not open.

  • Dragging a component onto the entity outliner—but not on an actual entity—no longer results in an invalid entity error.

  • Component entities no longer disappear after resizing terrain.

  • Components now serialize their persistent ID, ensuring that values are propagated through slices.

  • When parent and child entities are placed, the child's translation is no longer affected after entering and exiting game mode.

  • All components now display icons instead of Replace Me textures.

  • The Trigger Area components that were created in Lumberyard 1.5 now work properly in Lumberyard 1.6.

  • The array property UI now displays to allow you to specify entities for a Trigger Area component on an entity.

FBX Settings

  • The editor no longer crashes on shutdown if the FBX Settings is actively reporting Asset Processor progress.

  • A potential hash collision no longer occurs when adding nodes to the scene graph.

  • The editing functionality now works properly when the PropertyVisibility_ShowOnly_Children is set on the root element of a ReflectedPropertyEditor.

Lens Flare Editor

  • Reloading the level library no longer results in an error.

  • Reloading the same library multiple times in a row no longer results in an error.

  • Zooming out from the lens flare now fades the flare if it was affected by the distance fade factor.

Lumberyard Editor

  • The editor no longer crashes when undocking panels, closing, and then reopening the Particle Editor.

  • The editor no longer crashes when switching between multiple cameras in a map.

  • Pressing the Esc key now exits out of the brush tool for vegetation.

  • Selecting vegetation now snaps to the selected object in the vegetation rollup bar.

  • The viewport is no longer affected by the arrow keys when you navigate through the entity properties on the rollup bar.

  • Floating windows no longer display when you place a particle in the viewport and the rollup bar is closed when Lumberyard launches.

  • Keyboard shortcuts now work as expected across different floating windows.

  • The Debug Views, View Modes, and Environment Modes options have been added back to the customized tools options.

  • The Convert to Procedural Object option has been restored on prefabs.

  • Performance is no longer impacted when there are a few hundred slices in a level.


  • The Lumberyard Setup Assistant now properly detects Android NDK revision 11 or later. You can also manually locate any of the subdirectories for ndkpath\build.

  • The shader compiler no longer produces errors if the shader compiler has spaces in its path.

  • The HumanFeatureHair map in the FeatureTests project now works as expected.

  • The decals in the Decals map in the FeatureTests project now render properly on Android devices.


  • The Network Profiler no longer experiences random crashes.

  • Legacy RMI calls of type eRMI_ToOwningClient are now executed only for the entity's owner.

  • Receiving a SM_CONNECT_ACK system message to a server without calling SM_CONNECT_REQUEST no longer results in a crash.


  • The TouchRayCast map in FeatureTests now prints text when you hover over each object.

  • The KeyboardBasic map in FeatureTests now renders properly on macOS.

  • The ability to connect to servers in MultiplayerLobby and MultiplayerProject now works on macOS.

  • The visual effect in the WeatherCloudBasic map in FeatureTests now renders properly on macOS using the OpenGL renderer.

Twitch ChatPlay

  • Twitch features have been updated for compatibility with Twitch's latest API. Twitch ChatPlay and Broadcast API now sends the required client ID header or authorization header.

  • The Twitch ChatPlay and Twitch API features now require a console variable to be set with your application's client ID to function correctly. The console variable for Twitch ChatPlay is chatPlay_ClientID. The console variable for Twitch API is broadcast_ClientID. You can set both values to the same client ID. To generate your client ID, register your application with Twitch by clicking Settings, Connections, Register your application.

UI Editor

  • The LyShineDebug.cpp code can now be copied outside of the LyShine DLL and compiled.

  • The editor no longer crashes when using the Delete key to delete an entire UI element.

  • The UI Animation editor no longer crashes when attempting to use the curve editor tool bar menu and a sequence isn't selected.

  • Textures with a prepended slash now render in release mode as expected.

Virtual Reality

  • Text rendering in 3D UI canvases has been fixed.

  • Text rendering has been optimized by minimizing graphics context switches.

  • Console rendering for VR has been optimized by minimizing context switches.

  • The FOV calculation in the Oculus Gem has been fixed so that objects now appear correctly sized.

  • The Camera component now uses the main IViewSystem to allow the Camera component to work with VR.


  • Lumberyard now runs as expected on a machine with more than 16 logical cores. Thank you, Vijay D., for submitting this fix!

  • The net binding sync enabled flag now works properly. Thank you to our anonymous customer for submitting this fix!

  • Tiling artifacts have been fixed in minimap generation.

  • The default maximum height for the Camera Height property in the minimap tool has been changed from 99 to 9999.

  • A crash bug has been fixed for terrain texture import.

  • Exported terrain heightmap rotation is no longer off by 180 degrees for the PGM format.

  • Monitor, scopes, and sketch shaders have been restored.

  • The e_TexelDensity = 2 property now renders properly.

  • High resolution screenshots are functional again.

  • The e_MergedMeshInstanceDistShadows property independently controls shadow LOD.

  • A bug has been fixed for occlusion volumes.

  • A NaN artifact has been fixed when rendering water reflections of a vegetation shader with volumetric fog enabled.

  • A sun trajectory visual in the terrain lighting tool has been fixed to point in the correct direction.

  • Waf now reviews the correct QT libraries and does not prevent any builds from occurring.

  • The OpenSSL DLL files are now updated to version

  • Executing the LuaCompiler command no longer results in a path resolution issue.

  • The order of deletion for the legacy Lua system has been fixed and members that were not previously initialized are now initialized.

  • AZ::u32 and Crc32 return values are now supported for ChangeNotify callbacks.

  • When instantiating a dynamic slice and meshes in the slice are not memory-resident, mesh asset loading no longer experiences occasional instability.

  • Owned entities in GameEntityContext no longer result in edge case issues in a network game.

  • In the new CodeGen system when tagging a class, you can now have more than one base class for the system to ingest and more than one class for the system to ignore.

  • Containers can now be edited by default.

  • The input name field provides multiple options for the event generator.