Release Notes


Lumberyard Beta 1.9 and include the following fixes:

Lumberyard Beta

Lumberyard Beta includes the following fix:

Asset Processor

  • The Asset Processor can now process asset files that are in a directory with any flags set (indexed, compressed, etc.). Lumberyard Editor launches as expected after the Asset Processor finishes processing all files. This fix addresses the following issues:

    • When launching the editor, a pop-up dialog box appears with erroneous messaging about the branch: "An attempt to connect to the game or editor has failed. The game or editor appears to be running from a different folder. Please restart the asset processor from the correct branch."

    • The editor exits the startup process with an "Unable to send asset status" message and then shuts down.

    • The editor cannot complete startup due to the Asset Processor attempting to process old jobs.

Lumberyard Beta 1.9

Lumberyard Beta 1.9 includes the following fixes:

Asset Browser

  • When you filter assets in the Asset Browser, you can now scroll to the bottom of the list.

  • The Asset Browser now displays both shapes.cgf and shapes.mtl files for each .fbx file.

  • When using the filter option to filter for Other, the Asset Browser now displays all files that don't match an existing category.

  • When using the filter option to select certain categories, you will now see a Filtered by notification below the search bar.

  • You can no longer drag and drop folders inside the Asset Browser. Previously this capability resulted in erroneous components being created.

  • When you right-click any file or folder, a context menu now appears.

  • When you right-click any file, the context menu options now work properly.

  • When you right-click an .fbx file, the context menu now displays the expected options, such as Open, Open in Explorer, Copy Path to Clipboard, and so on.

  • When you edit the project settings for an .fbx file, clicking Update now results in the FBX Settings processing the change.

  • When using the search option, you can now type in multiple values and the search results will include all files that contain those values. For example, if you enter a b c in the search field, the search results will include files that contain the letter a, b, and c.

  • You can now resize the Asset Browser window as you would any other window in the editor.

  • The editor no longer crashes when you attempt to drag and drop a .luac file from its folder into the Perspective viewport.

  • If an asset is not selected, the preview viewport no longer displays a preview image or RGB drop box.

  • Certain .xml files, such as the character_controller.xml file, are now available in the Asset Browser.

  • When using the filter option, clearing the category check box now removes the search results for that category as expected.

Asset Picker

  • The asset picker no longer erroneously adds a .cgf file if you click Cancel in the asset picker dialog box.

  • When using the filter option, the asset picker no longer erroneously displays an empty folder in the search results.

  • You can no longer filter out certain asset types, such as scripts, if you're in the asset picker dialog box for static assets.

Asset Processor

  • The Asset Processor can now detect if certain folders are deleted from the cache, allowing the editor to launch properly.

  • You can no longer run multiple instances of the Asset Processor. An error message displays if you attempt to launch another instance.

  • On startup, the Asset Processor now checks the database file for a read-only flag and displays appropriate messaging.

  • The Asset Processor can now process iOS assets properly, and the editor no longer loses responsiveness.


  • The s_PositionUpdateThreshold console variable now works properly.

  • Connecting a Switch State to a Real-time Parameter Control (RTPC) now works properly.

  • The editor no longer crashes due to changing the s_AudioSystemImplementationName console variable at runtime.

  • The Audio Controls Editor now updates as expected, if changes are made to the Wwise project while the Audio Controls Editor is closed.

  • You can no longer delete an Audio Translation Layer (ATL) control while renaming it.

  • You will no longer lose data if you attempt to save an ATL folder to the root and a folder with the same name already exists in that location.

  • The audio functionality for the Lightning Arc Gem now works properly. The audio properties were updated to be ATL controls.

  • In the ATL control selector dialog box, you can no longer interchange Switches and Switch States.

  • In the ATL control selector dialog box, you can no longer select Preloads marked as Auto-Load.

  • The size of the ATL control selector dialog box is now fixed.

  • Audio log messages are no longer reported to the editor's Errors pane.

  • The audio listener can now move with the debug camera.

  • The renaming logic in the Dialog Editor now works correctly to perform a rename operation in Perforce.

  • Discarding changes in the Audio Controls Editor no longer leaves a connected status.

  • If you use the Stop Trigger field in the Track View editor to set looping sounds to play, these sounds can now be stopped.

  • The sound obstruction setting is now respected if you have only Stop Trigger set in a Mannequin proc layer.

  • An uninitialized variable in the Audio Listener component has been fixed. Thank you, @Gamely on the forums, for submitting this fix!

Character and Animation

  • Geppetto:

    • The Resave AnimSettings dialog box no longer erroneously displays zero .animsettings files when there are files to save.

    • Animation lists now update after you change the Animation Set Filter path.

    • Animation lists no longer collapse after you add a new animation.

    • When you delete a file in Geppetto, the file is now deleted from the hard drive and the Perforce server.

    • To prevent the editor from crashing, you can no longer attach a character to itself at a joint.

    • When you use Export HTR+CAF (Lossy), this option no longer overwrites the source i_caf file. Instead, this option now creates an i_caf file with an _Exported suffix.

    • When the FBX pipeline creates .chr files, the accompanying .chrparams files now display as expected.

    • Animations no longer fail to play if the .chr file is missing from the skeleton list.

    • The Force Recompile option has been removed due to outdated functionality.

    • The Resave AnimSettings dialog box now displays properly. You can access this functionality by clicking File, Resave AnimSettings.

  • Mannequin:

    • When using the sdk_playerpreview3p.xml sample file, the editor no longer crashes when you attempt to load ledgeGrab on the Transitions tab.

    • Sound Obstruction Type now works properly for Stop Trigger.

    • The RandomLookAround and RandomAimAround procedural clip types now behave as expected.

    • The editor is no longer case sensitive when you add default scopes and fragment IDs.

    • The reference joint in Aim or Look setups now function properly. For information, see Setting up a Skeleton.

  • PRow cloth attachments no longer have artifacts when they are part of a multithreaded update.

  • If the instance element is deleted and you select Reset value, the Simple Animation component now properly resets the animation name property. The animation name property is reverted to the saved slice value.


  • Screen Fader textures no longer appear upside down.

  • Animated rotations are now interpolated correctly.

  • When editing a color key, the Color Palette dialog box now displays as expected.

  • You can no longer erroneously add legacy camera entities to component entity sequences.

  • The Expand all and Collapse all options now work properly with component entity nodes in the Track View editor node browser.

  • The Copy and Paste options now work properly with component entity nodes in the Track View editor node browser.

  • When disabling a component entity node in the Track View editor, the component children and tracks are also disabled.

  • The 1/8 playback speed now works properly in all build configurations.

  • You can no longer erroneously create a parent/child relationship with multiple component entity nodes in the Track View editor node browser. If you add a node or move an existing entity onto another entity, the entities will be peers.

  • Animation interpolation no longer stutters for small value changes, which results in smooth camera movement.

  • The Blend property for the camera key now blends transitions for component entity cameras.

  • Renaming a component entity and then using the Undo or Redo options no longer disconnects the tracks.

  • The editor no longer crashes if you use the Reloading All Scripts command while the AI/Physics mode is enabled in a level with a component entity sequence.

  • Camera blending for legacy cameras now works as expected in the editor in game mode.

  • Deleting a component entity node no longer results in orphaned component nodes in a sequence.

  • Component entity sequences now play back on macOS and iOS.

  • Renaming a sequence in the Track View editor now works properly for legacy and component entity sequences.

  • If you use the Scale gizmo on a Transform or Scale track, changes are now recorded for component entities.

  • If you use the Move, Rotate, or Scale gizmo, changes in Record mode no longer require you to undo twice.

  • If you make changes to a layer in a component entity sequence, an asterisk (*) now appears to indicate there are changes to save.

  • The editor no longer crashes if you attempt to exit while the AI/Physics mode is enabled and the Track View editor is open with an active sequence.

  • The Key Properties window has been updated to improve readability of the content.

  • You can now delete a texture by removing the texture from the key.

  • You can now resize the Track View editor dialog box as expected.

  • When attempting to add an animation track, a list of animations for the selected entity now appears properly.

Cloud Canvas

  • Leaderboard requests are now paginated and include the page count.

  • The Message of the Day Gem now supports paginated lists.

  • The Cloud Canvas Resource Manager now displays a Lambda function code folder.

  • The Cloud Canvas Dynamic Content Manager now displays an error message if you attempt to select a file or folder that isn't in the asset processor cache folder.

  • The Cloud Canvas Dynamic Content Manager can now display manifest names that are greater than 56 characters without affecting the gear and platform icons.

  • The Cloud Canvas Dynamic Content Manager now displays the full manifest name. Previously the manifest name was cut off if periods were used.

  • Dynamic content downloads now complete successfully over cURL.

  • The Cloud Gem Framework no longer crashes if an error response is too large for the logger.

  • The Cloud Canvas Dynamic Content Manager now displays a progress bar with progress percentage in the status bar. The status bar also displays the name of the package that is being uploaded.

  • You can now delete a log bucket when you delete a project stack.

  • You can no longer create a leaderboard with a leaderboard ID that uses any of the following invalid characters: "~!@#$%^&*()_"

  • You can no longer use non-numeric values for the minimum and maximum reportable values in a leaderboard.

  • To simplify date and time validation, Cloud Canvas no longer uses UTC validation.

  • Navigation links now point to the appropriate location. For example, if you click Gems in the navigation header, it now goes to the Gems home page.

  • When using the lmbr_aws list-importable-resources command with an invalid type, an error message is now returned. Previously the usage was erroneously returned with the error message.

  • Waf now uses the correct library name when printing warnings about missing libraries.

  • Deleting a resource now also deletes the parameters that were created.

Component Entity System

  • Component entity wireframe bounds can now draw in 2D render viewports.

  • When disabled, the Show icons option now hides component entity icons.

  • You can now delete invisible entities from the Entity Outliner.

  • When called from an attached script's OnActivate method, the SimpleAnimationComponentRequestBus StartAnimation now works as expected.

FBX Settings

  • Units are now properly respected in the FBX pipeline.


  • Errors are now sourced correctly with Lua EBus binding.

  • Aggregate EBuses are now supported in Lua.

  • The editor no longer crashes when spawning and destroying entities with Lua script components.

Lumberyard Editor

  • The Erase Terrain option no longer erases the terrain height if you choose No.

  • The editor no longer crashes if you add comments to a shader.

  • The editor no longer crashes if you are running in headless mode. Previously the editor crashed due to an invalid texture ID being removed.

  • The editor no longer crashes if you're using a second normal map and then you remove the emittance map.

  • Decal maps now modulate emissive intensity as expected, even when a blend layer has a DDNA texture.

  • The editor no longer crashes when using the Substance Editor to view an imported .sbsar file.

  • Point light shadows now cast shadows as expected.

  • All component entities now work properly with vis areas.

  • Using the Wireframe viewport mode no longer produces graphical glitches when moving the camera.

  • When entering and exiting game mode, the lens flare no longer reverts to the default flare in the library.

  • Object motion blur now works properly with static mesh components.

  • The editor no longer crashes if you adjust the date and time to +5 days while the editor is running.

  • The editor no longer crashes if you attempt to configure a game project and add gems using the legacy layout.

  • The editor no longer crashes if you attempt to create a keyboard shortcut and don't assign a value.

  • The editor no longer crashes if you attempt to customize the toolbars.

  • You can now restore the layout to the default view as expected.

  • All buttons in the bottom toolbar are now labeled with icons and/or text as expected.

  • The login window now appears correctly based on the display settings.

  • The editor no longer crashes or hangs if you are using a non-default Windows theme.

  • The editor no longer crashes if you attempt to restart the editor while the Database View is open.

  • When you add an .xml file, the file now appears in the Database View as expected.

  • The following options now have keyboard shortcuts listed in the menu: Show Quick Access Bar, Hide Selection, Show Last Hidden, and Unhide All.

  • When you right-click a folder, a context menu now displays with the following options: View in Explorer, Copy Name to Clipboard, and Copy Path to Clipboard.

  • All title bars are now shadowed except for the active window.

  • When you right-click a title bar, a context menu now displays with the following options: Restore, Move, Size, Minimize, Maximize, and Close.

  • A flickering issue no longer exists when moving around floating panes on a second monitor.

  • Graphical glitches no longer appear when moving around floating panes after starting the editor.

  • Graphical glitches no longer appear when right-clicking and dragging a tab in a nested pane.

  • When increasing the width of floating panes, the tabs now maintain their appropriate sizing.

  • You can now rearrange tabs using the left mouse button.

  • When docking to an absolute edge, panes are no longer erroneously duplicated.

  • Graphical glitches no longer appear when docking a window in a new location.

  • Graphical glitches no longer appear when you right-click a tab on a pane.

  • Grab handle indicators (...) now exist for all bars that you can grab.

  • Any panes that appear off-screen are now automatically restored to the default layout.

  • Restoring the default layout now works properly.

  • Undocking a tabbed pane now works properly.

  • The Undock Tab Group option is now enabled only if there are multiple docked panes.

  • The context menu for docked panes now includes only close and undock options.

  • Graphical glitches no longer appear when docking or undocking panes.

  • You can now resize the editor window using all edges and corners.

  • You can no longer reorder tabs if there is only one tab remaining.

  • The editor no longer crashes when you save statistics for the following sample levels and projects: GameSDK – Woodland, SamplesProject, MultiplayerSample, and CloudGemSamples.

  • False errors are no longer reported the first time you open a level or create a new level in the Debug Editor.

  • The editor no longer fails to launch due to assets waiting to be processed or allocations on record.

  • Editor-related processes no longer remain running in the background after the editor shuts down.

  • The editor now launches as expected after assets are successfully compiled.

  • The Rotate gizmo now has improved selection accuracy.

  • The welcome dialog box no longer has sizing handles.

  • Double-clicking a folder in the Open Level dialog box no longer produces errors.

  • The Switch Projects option in the File menu now works as expected.

  • Resizing undocked windows and panes is now easier due to a wider hover area for the resizing arrow.

  • After you choose a new color for the layer, the color picker button now displays the selected color.

  • You can now use the arrow keys to navigate the viewport and the camera will move as expected.

  • The editor no longer crashes when you compile shaders.

  • The editor no longer crashes when you load a level and then attempt to open a different level from the layers list dialog box.

  • When using the Modify Terrain tools, the radius value bars are no longer affected by automatic radius adjustment.

  • The Sun Trajectory Tool now opens on the first attempt.

Lumberyard Setup Assistant

  • A warning displays if the capabilities that you select in the Lumberyard Setup Assistant do not match the user_settings.options file. Previously the msvs_version was overwritten in this file.

  • The -enable and -default options now work properly when used in the user_settings.options file.

  • The validation button now works properly to validate installed third-party software and plugins. When validation is complete, the button reactivates and the UI reflects the validation status.

  • If you lose internet connectivity, the Lumberyard Setup Assistant can now automatically resume third-party software downloads when connectivity is restored.

  • The links on the Summary page now navigate to the correct pages.


  • You can now launch the Asset Processor by double-clicking the file in the Finder window.

Material Editor

  • You can now view Alpha and RGBA in texture thumbnails.

  • The Material Editor now displays writeable files when you click Show checked out materials after enabling the Perforce plugin.

  • The Material Editor no longer displays duplicate entries of a material.

  • The Templbeamproc shader now works properly and changes are visible on the material.

  • The material settings section has been updated to improve readability of the labels.

  • After clicking Remove Item, the delete dialog box no longer appears multiple times.

  • After selecting a texture, the texture name no longer appears transparent nor highlighted with the texture preview.

Mobile Support

  • The mobile game UI now scales correctly.

  • As a result of fixed Android configuration errors, you no longer need to delete BinTemp when switching between API versions.

  • Particles now render correctly on Android devices.


  • The Net Binding component is now restricted to one component per component entity in order to prevent replication issues.

Particle Editor

  • The editor no longer crashes when you create a second particle or duplicate an existing particle.

  • When you click File, Import, the asset picker dialog box now opens as expected so that you can choose your particles.

  • You can now access the context menu in the Preview viewport as expected.

  • The import window no longer crops the title and other options.

Project Configurator

  • If the active project has been deleted, the Project Configurator still launches with a warning to indicate that the project is missing.

  • A warning displays if you attempt to enable and modify gems for a game project and the Game.xml and Editor.xml files are read-only. This does not apply if you use Perforce integration.

  • The Project Configurator now launches as expected, even if the project ID is missing from the project.json file.


  • Undoing a slice deletion right after the slice was created no longer places the entity at world 0,0,0.

  • The editor no longer crashes when destroying dynamic slices while exiting game mode.

  • You can now use the context menu in the Asset Browser to set (or unset) slice assets in gems as dynamic.

  • The Push to Slice dialog box now displays the correct icons for component entities that have changed.

  • The Set Dynamic Flag setting is now called Set Dynamic Slice.

  • The ability to unset a slice as dynamic now works properly.

  • The editor no longer crashes when you attempt to instantiate a slice.

  • In the UI Editor, the asset picker now searches for slices when you attempt to instantiate a slice. Previously it searched for uislices, which will be deprecated in a future release.

  • Dynamic slices now appear in the Asset Browser once the Asset Processor is complete.

Substance Editor

  • The Substance Editor no longer crashes when you attempt to view imported .sbsar files.

UI Editor

  • You can now use the following in-level components in dynamic slices: UI Canvas Asset Ref, UI Canvas Proxy Ref, and UI Canvas on Mesh.

  • When adding text using the UiTextComponent, the spacing between numbers is now fixed. This applies even to fonts without a fixed width.

  • The editor no longer crashes when switching between canvases using Lua.

  • The Image component no longer samples from the opposite edge of the texture, preventing unwanted lines from appearing.

  • When the Flow Graph editor and UI Editor are docked together, the menu bars still work as expected.

  • The End Preview button is now called Preview. You can access this functionality by right-clicking any toolbar and selecting Preview Toolbar.

Virtual Reality

  • For consistency with other devices, the Oculus device now uses local space for the output of angular velocity and acceleration. Previously it used world space.

  • Implementation for the Oculus device now has improved error checking.

  • The Virtual Reality Project launcher no longer crashes when attempting to load the VR_BoxGarden_Sample and no VR device is connected and no VR software is running.


  • Various fixes include issues with the HTTP Requestor tests and loading issues with slices for the editor and game.

  • The editor no longer crashes when reflecting AutoExpand attributes of group ClassElements against member variables.

  • CObjectManager::FindObject no longer fails to find objects whose names have changed. Script Terminal "general.select_object("EntityName")" no longer fails for assets with changed names.

  • CBaseObject::SetDrawTextureIconProperties OBJFLAG_SHOW_ICONONTOP now changes the icon alignment as expected.

  • The Give Us Feedback dialog box has been resized to allow all text to be visible without manual resizing.

  • The RCScene.xml file is no longer required to load a custom application configuration. Projects can now use an Editor.xml file.

  • The editor no longer crashes when you attempt to shut down in CClassFactory::GetClassesBySystemID().

  • In Script Help, you can now copy to clipboard the contents of the Example column by double-clicking anywhere in the row for a command.

  • The Export Selected Objects option now works properly to export .fbx files.