User Guide (Version 1.21)

Using the CommConfig Property

The CommConfig property (see Using Database View to Set AI Communication) determines which communications (and how) an AI agent can play. This property has a value of Basic or Human, whose properties and attributed are defined by two XML files.

A sample BasicCommunications.xml file is shown below:

<Communications> <!--Animation + Sound Event example (needs state using the action/signal in the animation graph)--> <Config name="Surprise"> <Communication name="comm_anim" finishMethod="animation" blocking="all" forceAnimation="1"> <Variation animationName="Surprise" soundName="sounds/interface:player:heartbeat" /> </Communication> </Config> <!--Sound Event example--> <Config name="Welcome"> <Communication name="comm_welcome" finishMethod="sound" blocking="none"> <Variation soundName="sounds/dialog:dialog:welcome" /> </Communication> </Config> <!--Auto generated Voice Library examples--> <Config name="SDK_Example_NPC_01"> <AutoGenerateCommunication voiceLib="npc_01_example" finishMethod="voice" blocking="none" /> </Config> <Config name="SDK_Example_NPC_02"> <AutoGenerateCommunication voiceLib="npc_02_example" finishMethod="voice" blocking="none" /> </Config> </Communications>


  • name: Basic or Human, as specified by the CommConfig property.

  • choiceMethod: Method used to choose a variation: Random, Sequence, RandomSequence, or Match.

  • responseChoiceMethod: Method used to choose a variation: Random, Sequence, RandomSequence, or Match.

  • animationName: Animation graph input value

  • lookAtTarget: : Valid values are 1|0, true|false, or yes|no. Makes the AI look at the target.

  • finishMethod: Any or all of: animation, sound, voice, timeout, all. It defines the way to determine when the communication is finished - after the animation is finished, or time interval has elapsed.

  • blocking: movement, fire, all, none. It allows to disable the movement or firing of the AI.

  • animationType: signal or action

  • voiceLib: The name of the Voice Library to extract Communication names from.