User Guide (Version 1.21)

AI System Concepts

Key features of the AI system include the following:


  • Navigation with little or no assistance from the designers

  • Multi-layer navigation (flying, swimming, zero-gravity) or simple 2D navigation

  • Smart objects for special navigation and interactions

Individual AI

  • Easy-to-use static and dynamic covers (such as behind movable vehicles)

  • Dynamic tactical points (such as cover points, ambush points, patrol waypoints)

  • Behavior trees, to select behaviors based on values of Boolean variables

  • Customizable perception (such as vision, sound, memory, sixth sense)

Group and Global AI

  • Group behavior trees, to define group tactics

  • Formations, to move AI characters in some orderly fashion

  • Factions (such as friends, neutrals, enemies)

  • Visual flow graphs of game logic, with macro-nodes for reused sub-flow graphs


  • Support for streaming big maps


  • Visual AI debugger to log signals, behavior changes, goal changes, and comments

  • Behavior tree visual editor

  • Visual flow graph editor and debugger (with visual flow propagation and break points)