User Guide (Version 1.21)

Using AI Debug Console Variables

There are a number of console variables available for AI agent debugging. One of the most useful is the ai_DebugDraw console variable. Setting this variable to 1 results in debug information displayed above any active AI agent.


Use the ai_AgentStatsDist variable listed below to set the distance above the AI agent that debug information displays.

To enable ai_DebugDraw

  1. Open Lumberyard Editor and select Tools, Console.

  2. At the bottom of the console window, enter ai_DebugDraw 1 or one of the other values, as needed:

ai_DebugDraw Values

Value Description
-1 Only warnings and errors; no other information displays
0 Disables AI debug draw
1 Standard AI debug draw information displays
71 Draws all forbidden areas (including auto-generated ones)
72 Draws graph errors (problematic areas are highlighted with circles)
74 Draws the whole navigation graph
79 Draws the navigation graph close to the player (within 15m from the camera; faster than 74)
80 Draws tagged nodes (during A*)
81 Calculates (if necessary) and then draws 3D (volume) hidespots
82 Draws 3D (volume) hidespots
85 Draws steep slopes (determined by ai_steep_slope_up_value and ai_steep_slope_across_value)
90 Draws flight navigation within a 200m range of the player
179 Similar to 79, but also shows triangulation edges centers
279 Similar to 179, but also shows water depth information
1017 Visualizes navigation links of node that encloses entity "test"

Setting AI_DebugDraw to 1

Setting ai_DebugDraw to 1 enables the following console variables for debugging:


Displays the update times of all agents in milliseconds. Green indicates <1ms and white indicates 1ms-5ms.

Values: 0 = Disabled | 1 = Enabled

ai_DebugDrawNavigation 1

Displays the navigation mesh for the MNM system. Blue areas are navigable for AI agents to move around in. Red areas are cut off from the main mesh and are not reachable by AI agents.

Values: 0 = Disabled | 1 = Triangles and contour | 2 = Triangles, mesh, and contours | 3 = Triangles, mesh contours, and external links


Toggles drawing out-of-bounds AI objects of a particular type for debugging AI. Valid only for 3D navigation. Draws red spheres at positions of anchors that are located out of navigation volumes. Those anchors must be moved.

Values: 0 = Disabled | 1 = Enabled


Draws all the currently active formations of the AI agents.

Values: 0 = Disabled | 1 = Enabled


Toggles the AI debugging view of navigation modifiers.


Toggles the visibility of named agent's position on AI triangulation. See also: ai_DrawNodeLinkType and ai_DrawNodeLinkCutoff.

Values: none = Disabled | all = Displays all agent nodes | player = Displays the player node | agent name = Displays the agent node


Sets the link parameter to draw with ai_DrawNode.

Values: 0 = Pass radius | 1 = Exposure | 2 = Maximum water depth | 3 = Minimum water depth


Sets the link cutoff value in ai_DrawNodeLinkType. If the link value is more than ai_DrawNodeLinkCutoff, the number displays in green. If the link value is less than ai_DrawNodeLinkCutoff, the number displays in red.


Vertical offset during debug drawing.


Draws the generated paths of the AI agents. ai_drawoffset is used.

Values: none = Disabled | squad = Squad members | enemy = Enemies | groupID = Group members


Draws a radar overlay at the center of the view.

Values: 0 = Disabled | value = size of radar (m)


AI radar draw distance in meters.

Default value: 20m


Toggles reference points and beacon view for debugging AI. Draws balls at AI reference points.

Usage: "all", agent name, group id


Toggles drawing stats (in a table on top left of screen) for AI objects within a specified range. Displays attention target, goal pipe, and current goal.

ai_StatsDisplayMode 1

Displays information on the number of active AI agents, full AI updates per frame, and the number of TPS queries processed each frame.


Distance to display the perception events of all enabled puppets. Displays target type and priority.


Displays all AI object of a specified type. If object is enabled, it displays with a blue ball. If object is disabled, it displays with a red ball. A yellow line represents forward direction of the object.

Values: <0 = Disabled | 0 = Displays dummy objects | >0 = Object type to display


Records and draws the actual path taken by the agent specified in ai_StatsTarget. The path displays in the color aqua, and only a certain length displays. The old path gradually disappears as a new path is drawn.

Values: 0 = Disable | 1 = Enabled


Displays debugging information on tactical point selection system (TPS).


Indicates the position and some base states of specified objects. Pinpoints the position of the agents; its name; its attention target; draw red cone if the agent is allowed to fire; draw purple cone if agent is pressing trigger.

Values: none = Disabled | squad = Squad members | enemy = Enemies | groupID = Group members


Records the time used for each AI goal (approach, run, pathfind) to execute. The longest execution time displays onscreen.

Default value: 0 = Disabled


Gives information on the number of active AIs, full updates, and TPS queries for every frame.

Values: 0 = Hide | 1 = Display


Displays the current goal pipe, current goal, subpipes, and agent stats information for the selected AI agent. A long, green line represents the AI forward direction. A long, red or blue line represents the AI view direction if the AI is firing or not firing.

Values: AI name


Indicates the maximum slope value that is borderline walkable across the slope. Zero (0.0) value indicates flat (no slope). Must be set to a value greater than ai_SteepSlopeUpValue.

Default value: 0.6


Indicates the maximum slope value that is borderline walkable up the slope. Zero (0.0) value indicates flat (no slope). Must be set to a value smaller than ai_SteepSlopeAcrossValue.

Default value: 1.0

Other AI_Debug Variables

There are a number of other ai_DebugDraw console variables that can be accessed. Click the (...) icon at the bottom right corner of the console, and then enter ai_debug in Search.