User Guide (Version 1.21)

Using AILog and AISignals Files

The AILog.log file can be used to log various AI agent events and the AISignals.csv file can be used to store AI signals for debugging purposes.


These are only available if CryAISystem (and CryAction in the case for AISignals.csv) were built in Debug Mode.

The following AI events can be logged to the AILog.log file:

  • AI Action started

  • AI Action ended

  • AI Action suspended

  • AI Action resumed

  • Signal received

  • Auxiliary Signal received

  • Goalpipe selected

  • Goalpipe inserted

  • Goalpipe reset

  • RefPoint position set

  • Stimulus registered

  • AI System reset

  • OnEnemyHeard

  • OnEnemyMemory

  • OnEnemySeen

  • OnInterestingSoundHeard

  • OnLostSightOfTarget

  • OnMemoryMoved

  • OnNoTarget

  • OnObjectSeen

  • OnSomethingSeen

  • OnSuspectedSeen

  • OnSuspectedSoundHeard

  • OnThreateningSeen

  • OnThreateningSoundHeard

  • AI Signal executing

  • Behavior constructor called

  • Behavior destructor called

  • Behavior selected