Employing Artificial Intelligence - Lumberyard User Guide

Employing Artificial Intelligence

In the context of a game, AI refers to the technology or system used to endow seemingly-intelligent actions and behaviors to an agent or character, called the AI agent.

Specifically, an AI agent is a game entity that can use information to make decisions in pursuit of one or more goals. An AI agent can perceive its surroundings, navigate through its environment, interact with other objects, communicate with other agents or players, and exhibit a vast number of various actions and behaviors toward the end goal. Sophisticated AI behaviors can be triggered, event-driven or be scripted.

The selection strip at the bottom of Lumberyard Editor features controls to enable AI. The AI/Physics button turns AI simulation on and off, and allows you to test AI agent behavior directly without entering game mode.

The pause and next step buttons are used for stepping through the AI system one frame at a time for debugging. To use these correctly, first click the pause button, then click the AI/Physics button, then click the next step button.

Make sure to disable the pause button again to return to normal operation.

For information on AI entities, see AI Control Objects.

For information on AI Navigation, see Navigation.

For information on AI Behavior Tree, see Behavior Tree.