User Guide (Version 1.21)

Debugging AI Agent Perception Issues

For debugging specific AI perception issues, use the following console variables. To debug generic AI issues, see AI Agent Debugging.

Unless otherwise noted, variable type is Boolean and default value is 0.

  • ai_DebugGlobalPerceptionScale – Displays global perception scale multipliers.

  • ai_DrawPerceptionIndicators – Displays indicators showing the enemy's current perception level of player.

  • ai_DrawPerceptionDebugging - Displays indicators showing how the enemy view intersects with perception modifiers.

  • ai_DrawPerceptionModifiers - Displays perception modifier areas in game mode.

  • ai_DrawPerceptionHandlerModifiers – Displays perception handler modifiers on a specific AI agent. Requires an AIName as the parameter.

  • ai_DebugPerceptionManager – Displays perception manager performance overlay.

  • ai_DebugDrawLightLevel – Displays the AI light level. Useful for debugging with lightspot anchors.

  • ai_DrawAgentFOV – Displays the FOV cone for AI agents. Requires ai_DebugDraw to be enabled.

  • ai_DrawAgentStats – Displays information about agents. Nadlt=name/alertness/distances/light level/target.

  • ai_DrawAttentionTargetPositions – Displays position markers for the AI agent's current attention target.