User Guide (Version 1.18)


A refpoint, or reference point, is a special AI object used by goalpipes. It primarily specifies a position and, as needed, a direction. The following examples illustrate how refpoints are used.

Example 1: Updating a refpoint involving sub-goalpipes

In this example, a refpoint position is set, and a goalpipe is created containing three goalops: Locate, Stick, and Signal. Using the refpoint, Locate sets a value called LASTOP, which is used in Stick to pinpoint a destination.

Notice that the goalop Stick is defined as "+stick". This ensures that Stick is grouped with the previous goalop (Locate). As a result, if the interrupting goalpipe affects values that Stick depends on (such as LASTOP), it will return to the appropriate goalop to update the dependent values.

ACT_GOTO = function(self, entity, sender, data) if (data and data.point) then AI.SetRefPointPosition(, data.point); -- use dynamically created goal pipe to set approach distance g_StringTemp1 = "action_goto"; AI.CreateGoalPipe(g_StringTemp1); AI.PushGoal(g_StringTemp1, "locate", 0, "refpoint"); AI.PushGoal(g_StringTemp1, "+stick", 1, data.point2.x, AILASTOPRES_USE, 1, data.fValue); -- noncontinuous stick AI.PushGoal(g_StringTemp1, "signal", 0, 1, "VEHICLE_GOTO_DONE", SIGNALFILTER_SENDER); entity:InsertSubpipe(AIGOALPIPE_SAMEPRIORITY, g_StringTemp1, nil, data.iValue); end end,

Example 2: Using an AI anchor to set a refpoint

In this example, the Smart Object system spots a relevant AI anchor using OnBiomassDetected. This anchor is used to set both the position and direction of the refpoint. As a result, the AI agent walks to the refpoint, turns to the indicated direction, and then selects the next goalpipe.

OnBiomassDetected = function(self, entity, sender, data) entity:SetTargetBiomass(sender); entity:SelectPipe(0, "AlienTick_ReachBiomass"); end,
function AlienTick_x:SetTargetBiomass(biomass) self.AI.targetBiomassId =; AI.SetRefPointPosition(, biomass:GetWorldPos()); AI.SetRefPointDirection(, biomass:GetDirectionVector(1)); end
<GoalPipe name="AlienTick_ReachBiomass"> <Speed id="Walk"/> <Locate name="refpoint"/> <Stick distance="0.3" useLastOp="true"/> <Signal name="OnBiomassReached"/> </GoalPipe>
OnBiomassReached = function(self, entity); entity:SelectPipe(0, "AlienTick_CollectBiomass"); end,


The tag <Group> was not used in this example because this particular goalpipe is not intended to be interrupted (which is not generally the case).