User Guide (Version 1.21)

Using the AWS Device Farm for Android Builds

You can use the AWS Device Farm to test your Lumberyard game across a range of devices. This topic demonstrates how to run an Android build created with Lumberyard on the AWS Device Farm.


To run a Lumberyard game build on the AWS Device Farm, you must have the following:

If you prefer not to use your PC on a public IP address, you can use Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) to run the Lumberyard shader compiler for mobile development.

Creating the Build

Follow the steps below to create your build to deploy to the AWS Device Farm.

  1. Navigate to the \dev directory for your game project. For example, the SamplesProject directory is \dev\SamplesProject.

  2. Edit the game's project.json file to set place_assets_in_apk (under android_settings) to 1.

  3. Navigate to the lumberyard_version\dev directory.

  4. Edit the system_android_es3.cfg file to set the IP address for the remote shader compiler to point to the Amazon EC2 instance or your computer's public IP address.

  5. Build the game.

Deploying to the AWS Device Farm

Follow the steps below to deploy your build to the AWS Device Farm.

  1. Open the AWS Management Console.

  2. On the Device Farm tab, do the following:

    1. Click Create a new project and enter a name for your project.

    2. Click Create a new run and then click the button with the Android and iOS logo.

    3. Click Upload and select the .apk file that you created previously.

    4. When the upload completes, enter a name for the run.

    5. On the Configure a test page, click Built-in Fuzz.

    6. Allow the test to run for 10-15 minutes by setting the Event count to 600 and Event throttle to 1000.

    7. For the device pool, click Create a new device pool.

    8. Search for and select Samsung Galaxy S7. Type the name and description for the pool and save it.

    9. Click through the remaining confirmation screens.

  3. When the tests are complete, click to the Screenshots tab to see your deployed content.