User Guide (Version 1.21)

Creating a Lumberyard Project for Android Studio

You can use a PC or Mac to create your Lumberyard Android Studio project.

To create an Android Studio project

  1. In a command line window, navigate to the root of the directory where you installed Lumberyard (lumberyard_version\dev on PC or ~/lumberyard_version/dev on Mac).

  2. Run the following command: lmbr_waf configure


    The configure command automatically generates the Android Studio project. To disable this functionality and manually generate an Android Studio project, edit the user_settings.options file (located in the lumberyard_version\dev\_WAF_ directory) to change the generate_android_studio_projects_automatically option from True to False. Then run lmbr_waf android_studio or lmbr_waf configure android_studio (if base projects were not created from a previous configure command).

  3. Verify the Android Studio project was created successfully:

    [WAF] Executing 'android_studio' in 'C:\Lumberyard\dev\BinTemp' [INFO] Created at C:\Lumberyard\dev\Solutions\LumberyardAndroidSDK [WAF] 'android_studio' finished successfully (1.261s)