User Guide (Version 1.18)

Importing Your Lumberyard Project into Android Studio

After you create a Lumberyard project, you can import it into Android Studio.

To import your Lumberyard project into Android Studio

  1. Open Android Studio.

  2. On the Welcome to Android Studio screen, click Import project (Eclipse ADT, Gradle, etc.).

  3. Locate the Android Studio project that was created when you ran the lmbr_waf configure command. The default location is lumberyard_version\dev\Solutions\LumberyardAndroidSDK.

  4. In the Gradle Sync dialog box indicating that Gradle settings are not configured for this project, click OK.

  5. When the project has been imported and opens, do the following:

    • Click Project to view the project source view pane.

    • Click Build Variants to view the build targets and change the build configuration for your target project. This impacts the FeatureTestsLauncher, MultiplayerProjectLauncher, and SamplesProjectLauncher only. The build configuration for all other targets during the build process is ignored.

    • Click Android Monitor to view the logcat and system monitors as well as CPU/GPU, memory, and network usage.

    • Click Gradle Console to view the build output.