User Guide (Version 1.21)

Using the Resource Compiler Image Tool

Before you can use the Resource Compiler image tool, you must install RC Shell Commands.


You can also use the Texture Settings Editor to manage your texture settings for image files. For more information, see Texture Settings Editor.

To install RC Shell Commands

  1. Open Lumberyard Setup Assistant.

  2. On the Install plugins page, click Install.

                        Click Install to install RC Shell Commands in
                            Lumberyard Setup Assistant

Once you install the RC Shell Commands, you can use the Resource Compiler image tool.

To open the Resource Compiler image tool

  • Right-click an image file from within a file explorer and choose RC Open Image.

                Open image files with the Resource Compiler image tool

The Resource Compiler image tool lists image processing presets defined in the rc.ini file, located in the lumberyard_version\dev\Bin64vc140_or_vc141\rc directory. Select a preset to create the imagefilename.exportsettings file that you can check in to your source control.

To select an image processing preset and save it to an .exportsettings file

  1. In the Resource Compiler image tool, under Preset, select a preset from the drop-down menu.

  2. (Optional) To see more information about the preset settings, click Show preset info.

  3. Select other options you want to change, such as MIP Control.

  4. Click Generate Output.

    Your imagefilename.exportsettings file and the resulting output is saved in the same directory as your source image.

                        In the Resource Compiler image tool, select a preset and then
                            click Generate Output to generate the
                                .exportsettings file to check in.