Using Image Naming Conventions - Lumberyard User Guide

Using Image Naming Conventions

You can use any existing or created image processing presets. To do this, append the suffix to the end of the file name before you add it to your Lumberyard directory.


If you create an image that you want to use as a decal, add the _decal suffix to the file name before the extension. For example, to convert scorchmark.tif as a decal, rename it to scorchmark_decal.tif. You then add it to your Lumberyard directory, so that Asset Processor automatically processes the file.

There are a number of existing presets that you can use. For a full list, see the rc.ini file in the lumberyard_version\dev\Bin64vc141\rc directory.

Some of the existing presets include the following:

  • _diff – Albedo

  • _spec, _refl – Specular textures

  • _ddn – Normal map texture

  • _ddna – Normal map texture with smoothness in alpha

  • _bump – Converts grayscale texture to normal map

  • _displ – Displacement map

  • _decal – Decal

  • _detail – Merged detail maps

  • _cm, _cubemap – HDR reflection textures

  • _cch – Color chart

  • _mask – Grayscale mask

  • _sss, _trans, _opac – Opacity