User Guide (Version 1.14)

Replacing Wwise with Full Version

Lumberyard comes preconfigured with the free "compact" version of Wwise, called Wwise LTX. To use 3D audio plugins, you must purchase the full version of Wwise. Then use the following procedure to replace the free version with the full version that you purchased.

To replace the free Wwise with the full version Wwise

  1. Navigate to the lumberyard_version\3rdParty\Wwise\ directory.

    You should see a directory named LTX_2016.1.1.5823 (or similar), which contains the free version that ships with Lumberyard.

  2. Copy and paste your copy of the Wwise 2016 1.1 SDK directory into the lumberyard_version\3rdParty\Wwise\ directory.


    If you open the directory that you just pasted, you should see a directory named SDK, which contains the different builds of Wwise for various platforms. For Visual Studio 2017, use the x64_vs141 directory. For Visual Studio 2015, use the x64_vs140 directory.

  3. Navigate to the lumberyard_version\dev directory.

  4. In a text editor, open the SetupAssistantConfig.json file.

  5. Search for wwise.

    The resulting config block that you find contains paths to the Wwise SDK.

  6. Edit each source field to point to the full Wwise 2016 installation.


    The following example shows three source fields: one at the root and one for each compiler version. The Wwise version in the example may not be the same version as your Wwise, so verify that you are pointing to the version of your installation.

    The left example has an unedited block and the right example has the edited block.

                            Example update to the
                                    SetupAssistantConfig.json to specify your
                                version of Wwise SDK for Lumberyard.

    You are now ready to build Lumberyard with your full 2016 version of Wwise.


    If you want to return to the LTX version of Wwise, change the source to point to the original LTX directory.