User Guide (Version 1.14)

Installing Audiokinetic Wwise and 3D Plugins

Lumberyard supports 3D audio, or spatialized audio, with which you can create a sound environment that convincingly simulates the acoustic spatial cues in the real world. With 3D audio you can design an immersive sound experience where players can hear sounds in relation to their position in the game world. A sound produced directly in front of you can be easily distinguished from the same sound produced at a distance, or above or behind you. Advanced 3D audio systems, such as the Wwise 3D audio plugins that Lumberyard supports, can even replicate sounds that have bounced off of walls and other parts of the environment.

To set up 3D audio for Lumberyard, you need the following:

  • Wwise 2016 1.1, both the SDK and the (purchased) authoring tool

  • A 3D audio plugin for Wwise. Lumberyard has been tested with the following 3d audio plugins:

    • RealSpace3D (paid)

    • Oculus Spatializer (free)

  • Visual Studio 2017 or 2015 (to build Lumberyard)

  • Lumberyard installation

Use the following procedures to prepare your Lumberyard installation for 3D audio.