Connecting Wwise to the Editor and Game - Lumberyard User Guide

Connecting Wwise to the Editor and Game

You can establish a remote connection between Wwise and Lumberyard for your project's debug and profile builds of Lumberyard. By default, this feature is disabled. Remote connecting is not supported for performance and release builds.

To enable remote connection

  1. In a text editor, create a file in the lumberyard_version\dev directory and name it user.cfg.

  2. Open the file and enter the following parameter and value: s_WwiseEnableCommSystem=1.

  3. Save the file.

  4. Open your game or Lumberyard Editor.


    If your game or Lumberyard Editor is already running, close and reopen it.

  5. Open the Wwise Authoring Tool and open the Wwise project associated with your game.

  6. In the Wwise Authoring Tool, click the Connect to Remote Platform icon in the toolbar:

    The Remote Connections dialog displays a list of computers to which you can connect.

  7. Select the Localhost entry and click Connect. To verify a successful connection, look for the "Connected to" text in the Wwise toolbar.


    Localhost is the running instance of the game or Lumberyard Editor on your computer with remote connection enabled.

  8. You can live edit parameters, mute or solo objects or sounds, and tweak effects in the Wwise project. Because remote connection is engaged, you can hear the changes instantly. Remote connecting is useful not only for profiling but also for debugging.

For additional information and useful tips on using the remote connection, refer to the documentation included with Wwise.