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AudioKinetic Wwise

Lumberyard supports two flavors of Audiokinetic's Wwise audio middleware technology:

  • Wwise – The full product contains advanced features, supports third-party plugins, has full surround capabilities, and more. Wwise must be purchased separately.

    For information, see and

  • Wwise LTX – An exclusive, free version of Wwise is included with Lumberyard. Wwise LTX has a simplified authoring workflow and is a great starting point for new users.

For a comparison of features, see Comparing Wwise Full to Wwise LTX.

Wwise software consists of the SDK and the Authoring Tool. The SDK contains the headers and libraries that are linked with the Lumberyard engine code. The Authoring Tool is the application software for editing, tweaking, testing, and profiling sounds for your project.