Troubleshooting Skinned Meshes - Lumberyard User Guide

Troubleshooting Skinned Meshes

If your character's skinning appears visually broken in the Animation Editor, the following issues could be why:

  • The Coordinate system change modifier isn't identical for the .actor and .motion files

  • You might need to reset the bind pose

To change the coordinate system modifier

  1. In Lumberyard Editor, in the Asset Browser, navigate to your .fbx file.

  2. Right-click the .fbx file and choose Edit Settings.

  3. In the FBX Settings window, for the Coordinate system change modifier, set Facing Direction to Do Nothing or Rotate 180 degrees around the up axis.

  4. Ensure your .actor and .motion files use the same Coordinate system change modifier.

To reset a bind pose in Maya

  1. Ensure your character is in the bind pose.

  2. In Maya, select the character root bone.

  3. In the Rigging menu, click Skin and then select the Go to Bind Pose check box.

  4. For the Input box, choose Select by name.

  5. Search for all bind poses by entering bindPose* in the search box.

  6. Press Enter to select all of the bind poses and then press Delete.

  7. Select the root bone of your character.

  8. In Maya, in the bottom left corner, enter the following to reset the bind pose for your character: dagPose -bp -save;