User Guide (Version 1.14)

Cinematics Best Practices

Consider adopting the following recommended guidelines and best practices when working with cinematics:

  • Use AnimObjects for characters, vehicles, and other entities that are animated.

  • Use BasicEntity for brushes and static entities that are simply updated with position or rotation movement, or are hidden and unhidden.

  • To help with performance, whenever possible, disable the Pushable by Player and Rigid Body entity settings.

  • Hide entities on game start. Do not use Flow Graph to hide or unhide entities.

  • Disable sounds and particle effects on game start.

  • Use camera depth of field (focus) whenever possible as it can hide background scene imperfections. Use lower levels of detail for better performance.

  • Minimize the use of simultaneous multiple effects, full-screen image, or HUD effects. Make sure to disable them afterwards.

  • Use animation precaching to avoid having characters appear in a T-pose when starting a scene in a game.

  • Enable Snapping whenever possible.