User Guide (Version 1.16)

Component Nodes

Component nodes that can be animated are nested as children under the associated component entity node. You can add animation tracks to any of these component nodes by right-clicking the node and selecting Add Track.

Not all components can be animated in the Track View editor. For more information, see Exposing Custom Components to Track View for Animation.

Animation Components

Lumberyard provides the following components that can be animated:

For information about component-specific properties, see the Component Reference.

Record Mode

When you press the record button on the playback toolbar in the Track View editor, the following occurs:

  • Any changes to the tracks in the sequence are detected.

  • A keyframe is set at the current time with the track's current value.

You can then use the property inspector panel or the translation and rotation gizmos to set the property values and keyframes in the Track View editor.

The record button works with all properties in the component entity sequences.