Using Shared Code - Lumberyard User Guide

Using Shared Code

Open 3D Engine (O3DE), the successor to Lumberyard, is now available in Developer Preview. Download O3DE or visit the AWS Game Tech blog to learn more.

The lmbr_aws cloud-gem-framework add-service-api-resources command adds a service API to a resource group. Prior to Lumberyard version 1.10, it copied the service Lambda code for dispatching service API calls from the CloudGemFramework\AWS\resource-manager-code\default-resource-group-content\lambda-function-code directory to the resource group's lambda-function-code directory.

In version 1.10, Lumberyard adds a general purpose code sharing mechanism. You can use this mechanism to include a single copy of the service API dispatch code in all the Lambda functions that require it. Place the code to be shared in a subdirectory of a gem's AWS\common-code directory. The subdirectory name is the name of the code package.

An .import file can be found in a gem's AWS directory or a project's resource group directory. The file can be placed any of the following directories to indicate that the code depends on a set of specified packages:

  • lambda-code\<lambda-name>\

  • lambda-function-code\

  • <lambda-name>-lambda-code\

  • resource-manager-code\

  • common-code\<package-name>\

You can use the common-code\<package-name>\ directory to add dependencies recursively. The lambda-code\<lambda-name>\ directory is new in Lumberyard 1.10. For more information about this directory, see Lambda Code Directories.

The.import file has the following format:

<gem-name>.<package-name> <gem-name>.<package-name> ...

The entries in the .import file instruct the Cloud Gem framework to include the contents of the specified gem's AWS\common-code\<package-name> directory. For Lambda code, the contents of the directory are included in the .zip file that contains other Lambda code. When resource manager loads the code specified by sys.path (the Python default module search path, or PYTHONPATH), the resource-manager-code directory is included in that path.

The service API dispatch code can be found at Gems\CloudGemFramework\v<N>\AWS\common-code\LambdaService. The Gems\CloudGemFramework\v<N>\AWS\common-code\LambdaSettings directory contains code for accessing injected settings.