User Guide (Version 1.21)

Using the AWS Script Behaviors Cloud Gem

You can use the AWS Script Behaviors cloud gem in Amazon Lumberyard to implement some common AWS behaviors for your game. To implement these behaviors, you can use Script Canvas or Lua script. These behaviors include decoding URLs, performing HTTP GET operations, transferring files to and from Amazon S3, and invoking AWS Lambda functions. For programmatic information regarding the AWS Script Behaviors cloud gem, see AWS Behavior Context Reflections.


To use the features of this cloud gem, perform the following steps.

  1. Enable Cloud Gem AWS Script Behaviors in Project Configurator. The examples in this section use the CloudGemSamples project, which you can also enable in Project Configurator. The AWS Script Behaviors cloud gem is enabled in the CloudGemSamples project by default.

  2. Open the Cloud Canvas Resource Manager and update your deployment or upload all the resources in the CloudGemAWSScriptBehaviors resource group.

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