Dynamic Content Engineering Details - Lumberyard User Guide

Dynamic Content Engineering Details

This topic provides programmatic details about the dynamic content update process. This includes manifest file information, Dynamic Content Cloud Gem EBus events, and Dynamic Content Cloud Gem service API. For information about the lmbr_aws CLI extensions enabled by the Dynamic Content Cloud Gem, see Using lmbr_aws for Dynamic Content.

Manifest File

In your Lumberyard installation, the default location of the manifest file is <GameFolder>/AWS/DynamicContent/DynamicContentManifest.json.

The following is a simple example manifest for the SamplesProject DontDie sample.

"Files": [ { "hash": "3bebdb5bdb8cff74642e5f7f3dc4e900", "outputRoot": "@user@", "bucketPrefix": "static-data", "keyName": "gameproperties.csv", "cacheRoot": "@assets@", "platformType": "", "localFolder": "staticdata/csv" } ]

The following table describes the properties in the manifest file.

Property Description
hash MD5 hash of the file.
outputRoot Base output directory.
bucketPrefix Prefix inside the bucket for the file
keyName Name of the file key in the bucket, which will be appended to the beginning of the hash. The final key name has the format bucketPrefix/keyName.
cacheRoot Root directory to search for copies of the outdated file asset.
platformType Windows (pc), macOS (osx_gl), or Linux (linux). An empty value specifies all operating systems.
localFolder Directory to write locally within the outputRoot. The full output has the format outputRoot/localFolder/keyName.

EBus Events

The Dynamic Content Cloud Gem provides an EBus API and includes calls exposed to Lua. The basic top-level update request looks like this:

EBUS_EVENT_RESULT(requestSuccess, CloudCanvas::DynamicContent::DynamicContentRequestBus, RequestManifest, manifestName)

requestSuccess (bool) – Specifies whether the request was successfully sent.

manifestName(char*) – Specifies the plaintext name of the manifest (for example, DynamicContentTest.json). The system handles .pak file and operating system naming conventions (for example, DynamicContentTest.shared.pak).

Manifest Received

The following EBus events are triggered when a manifest has been received successfully or unsuccessfully.


EBUS_EVENT(CloudCanvas::DynamicContent::DynamicContentRequestBus, ManifestUpdated, bucketName, bucketPrefix)

When all .pak files are complete, a RequestCompleted event is broadcast.


EBUS_EVENT(CloudCanvas::DynamicContent::DynamicContentRequestBus, ManifestFailed, bucketName, bucketPrefix, errorStr)

Service API

The Dynamic Content Cloud Gem exposes API calls through Amazon API Gateway for both the Cloud Gem Portal and the game client.

The following tables list the calls for the portal.

Portal API Call Description
/service/status GET Returns the service's status.
/portal/info/{file_name} GET Return detailed information about a specific file. This includes the file's name, staging status, staging start and end dates (optional), and parent (optional).
/portal/info/{file_name} DELETE Request deletion of an existing item from the bucket and table.
/portal/content GET Request the list of files to display in the web portal.
/portal/content DELETE Request to deletion of all content from the bucket and staging table.
/portal/content POST Request alteration of the staging settings on a provided list of files.

The following table lists the calls for the client.

Client API Call Description
/client/content POST Request presigned URLs for a list of files. Returns the URLs or a failure message.