Defect Reporter Cloud Gem - Lumberyard User Guide

Defect Reporter Cloud Gem

This cloud Gem is deprecated and no longer supported. Some functionality is broken because of its dependency on the Cloud Gem Portal, which was removed in Lumberyard 1.28. Complete documentation for this Gem from previous versions of Lumberyard can be found in the Documentation Archive.

The Defect Reporter cloud gem makes it easy for you and your developers and testers to gather, view, and manage defect reports from your game. The Defect Reporter cloud gem offers the following advantages:

  • Automated, error-free collection of data – Instead of relying on the player to manually send the data, the most important data from the client is automatically captured. The contextual information that is included in the reports increases the likelihood of having actionable data and reduces the need to investigate with the customer.

  • Ease of reporting – Players can submit reports from within the game without having to use email, forums, or open a browser. Players can easily report errors, which can increase the number of reports and reduce the number of unreported defects.

  • Ease of annotation – Players can view the data that a report captures, annotate the report, and respond to any custom data collection queries that you provide.