Testing the Leaderboard Sample Level - Lumberyard User Guide

Testing the Leaderboard Sample Level

The CloudGemLeaderboard Cloud Gem is included in the LeaderboardSample level, which is located in the dev\CloudGemSamples\Levels\LeaderboardSample directory. The LeaderboardSample level contains a UI canvas with multiple buttons that you can use to test the Leaderboard system.


By default, the Lambda function that processes score records is on a 10-minute timer. This timer avoids possible consistency issues and costs that might occur because of reduced throughput capacity. The configuration for the timer is located in the resource-template.json file for the gem. When you test the gem, you might want to reduce the timer value in the template file. Alternatively, you can use the AWS Lambda console to disable the timer trigger, and then trigger it manually by using the Test button.

To test the Leaderboard using the sample level

  1. Using the Cloud Canvas Resource Manager, upload all resources to ensure that you have an updated stack.

  2. Open the Cloud Gem Portal (CGP) and add a statistic to the leaderboard. This creates a description of a statistic to track (if no definitions exist, you cannot submit a score). The default properties in the test level expect a statistic called score.

  3. Press Ctrl+G to start the level. The test user interface appears.

                    Leaderboard sample
  4. Click Submit Batch to populate the leaderboard with data. You can click the button multiple times to simulate a larger population. Messages in the editor logs show whether the submissions were successful.

  5. Click Get Leaderboard to see the top five scores in the sample.

  6. Click User Score 10 to submit a score for LocalPlayer.

  7. To verify the submission, click the leaderboard in the Cloud Gem Portal. A score with the value of 10 should appear under the name LocalPlayer.

  8. Click User Score 50 to submit another score for LocalPlayer. Because the new score is higher, it should overwrite the earlier score. To verify the submission, click the leaderboard in the Cloud Gem Portal again.


There is a caching mechanism on the backend, so the scores might not be updated immediately. On the Cloud Gem Portal Settings tab, you can click Process Now to process the leaderboard queue manually during development. This feature should not be used in a production environment because it can lead to duplicate entries.