User Guide (Version 1.18)

Message Of The Day Cloud Gem Portal

You can use the Message of the Day Cloud Gem to schedule messages that your game consumes. You can customize your project's message of the day using the Cloud Gem Portal.


This tutorial assumes the following:

  • You are using a Lumberyard project that has the Message of the Day Cloud Gem enabled (in the Project Configurator, select Cloud Gem Message of the Day).

  • You have created a project stack in Cloud Canvas Resource Manager.

  • You have created a deployment stack in resource manager.

  • You have opened the cloud gem portal. In Lumberyard Editor, click AWS, Open Cloud Gem Portal.

If you don't meet the prerequisites, follow the steps in Enabling Gems to add Cloud Gem Message of the Day in the Project Configurator. For information on creating a deployment stack and accessing the Cloud Gem Portal, see Tutorial: Getting Started with Cloud Canvas.

Accessing and Using the Message of the Day Cloud Cloud Gem

To customize the Message of the Day Cloud Gem

  1. In the Cloud Gem Portal, click Message of the day.

            Message of the day
  2. Click Add Message of the Day to create a new message.

  3. In the Add Message dialog box, provide the following information:

    • For Message Content, enter a message that to be displayed to the players of your game.

    • For Scheduling, clear the No Start and/or No End check boxes and specify the Start and/or End time during which players see the message. Currently, all times are in UTC. The message is shown to players that have a game clock that is between –12 hours or +12 hours of the set UTC time.

    • To make the message permanent, specify both No Start and No End.

    • If you have more than one message, you can use the Priority option to specify the priority of each. By default, 0 is the highest priority. The game client determines how to use the priority value. If you have only one active message, the priority has no effect.

            Add message
  4. Click Save. The portal shows your new message in the Active category.

            Message categories

    The message of the day dashboard has three categories: Active Messages, Planned Messages, and Expired Messages.

    • Active Messages – The currently active messages that are returned by the game client.

    • Planned Messages – Messages that are not currently active but will be active at the planned start date and time.

    • Expired Messages – Outdated messages, which are stored in the History tab so that you can edit and reuse them if you want.

You can now use the message in your game.

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