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Testing the Player Account Cloud Gem

To test the Player Account Cloud Gem, you can use the CloudGemSamples project that is included with Lumberyard.

To test the Player Account Cloud Gem

  1. In the Project Configurator, select the CloudGemSamples project.

  2. Start Lumberyard Editor.

  3. On the Welcome to Lumberyard Editor screen, click Open level, Levels, PlayerAccountSample, Open.

  4. Click AWS, Cloud Canvas, Select a Deployment.

  5. Click the deployment that you want to use, and then click OK.

  6. Press Ctrl+G to start the game.

  7. In the main menu of the sample, click Create Account.

          Create account


    If the Create Account option does not appear, click Sign Out and try again.

  8. Enter a user name, password, and an email account to which you have access.

          Type test credentials
  9. Click Create.

  10. From the email account, copy the confirmation code that you receive.

  11. In Lumberyard, paste the confirmation code into the Verification Code box, and then click Verify.

          Verification code
  12. Sign in using the password that you specified earlier. This tests the custom authentication flow.

          Sign in
  13. Click Manage Account.

          Manage account
  14. Click Edit Account.

          Edit account
  15. Type in a name for Player Name, and then click Save. This step tests the player service API.

          Type a player name

    The main menu displays the player name that you specified.

          Player name in main menu
  16. Press ESC to stop the game.

  17. In Lumberyard Editor, click AWS, Open Cloud Gem Portal.

  18. In the Cloud Gem Portal, choose the deployment that you are using for the test.

          Choose deployment
  19. Click Player Account.

          Click Player Account
  20. The gem displays the account that you created.

          Click the account

    Click the account so that you can edit its information. These steps test the administrative service API.

  21. In Player Account Profile, click the gear icon to edit the player profile.

          Click Edit
  22. Make a change to the player name, and then click Save.

          Change the player name
  23. Verify the change in the profile for the player.

          Verify change