User Guide (Version 1.18)

Player Account Cloud Gem Portal

The Player Account Cloud Gem provides a standalone player authentication and management solution that uses Amazon Cognito. The cloud gem includes a player registration API, built-in two-step verification, and support for both anonymous and authenticated players. You can use your Cloud Gem Portal to administer players and manually register, delete, ban, and update their accounts.


This tutorial assumes the following:

  • You are using a Lumberyard project that has Cloud Gem Player Account enabled.

  • You have created a project stack in Cloud Canvas Resource Manager.

  • You have a deployment stack with Player Account Cloud Gem resources in Cloud Canvas Resource Manager.

  • You have opened the Cloud Gem Portal (in Lumberyard Editor, choose AWS, Cloud Gem Portal.)

If you don't meet the prerequisites, follow the steps in Enabling Gems to add Cloud Gem Player Account in the Project Configurator. For information on creating a project stack and a deployment stack, see Tutorial: Getting Started with Cloud Canvas.

You are responsible for (a) providing legally adequate privacy notices to your end users; (b) obtaining any necessary consent from the end user for the collection, use, transfer, and storage of any name, password, other login information, or personally identifiable information or personal data of any end user that you (or any third-party plug-in or service provider you use) may access; (c) using and authorizing others to access and use the information only for the purposes permitted by the end user; and (d) ensuring the information is collected, used, transferred, and stored in accordance with all laws, rules, and regulations applicable in jurisdictions in which your applications are used.

Using the Player Account Cloud Gem Portal

To open the Player Account Cloud Gem Portal, click Player Account on the Cloud Gems page.

        Click Player Account

Adding Players

The first screen is the Player Account page, which lists the player accounts in your game. If your game doesn't have any players yet, the list is empty.

To add a player to your game

  1. Click Add Account to add a player.

              Click Add Account
  2. In the Add Account dialog box, fill in the appropriate information. Only the Username and Email fields are required.

              Add account dialog box

    After you fill in the information, the player appears in the list of player accounts.

              Player Account page

    Each player entry has the following fields:

    • User Name – The Amazon Cognito user name.

    • Player Name – The name of the player in the game.

    • Cognito Identity ID – The unique ID of the player in the Amazon Cognito database. This ID field is initially empty and is filled after the player signs in for the first time.

    • Email – The email of the player.

    • Account ID – An automatically assigned ID.

    • Account Status – The current status of the account. The following statuses are possible:

      • Archived – The account has been archived due to inactivity. You can change this from the Amazon Cognito console.

      • Compromised – This account requires further investigation from Amazon Cognito console.

      • Disabled – The player account is currently disabled. You can reenable it on the Amazon Cognito console.

      • Force Change Password – An AWS administrator has used Amazon Cognito to create the player account, and the player now must change their temporary password before they can successfully sign in.

      • Reset Required – The player's account was imported, but the player has not logged in.

      • Unconfirmed – The player account hasn't confirmed the account's email address or phone number. The account is unusable until it has been confirmed. To confirm an account manually, see Confirming an Account later in this document.

      • Unknown – The account is in an unknown state. Use the Amazon Cognito console to investigate further.

  3. You can use the box and filter on the upper right of the Player Account page to search the list of player accounts.

              Filter options

Viewing and Editing Account Details

To view the details of an account, click the account. The Player Account Profile page shows additional account details.

          Player account profile

To edit the player's information, click the settings icon in the Player Account Profile box.

          Edit player account profile

All fields are editable except Account ID and Username.

          Edit player account

Confirming an Account

You can use the Player Account Cloud Gem Portal to confirm an account whose status is Unconfirmed.

To confirm an account

  1. Click the player account with Unconfirmed status.

  2. Click the arrow next to the settings icon.

  3. Choose Confirm Account.

Banning an Account

Accounts that you ban no longer can log in to the game.

To ban an account

  1. On the Player Account page, click the ban icon next to the player.

              Banning an account
  2. In the Ban Player Account confirmation dialog box, click Save. The account disappears from the Accounts tab.

  3. Click the Banned Players tab. The banned account has been added to the banned players list.

              Banned players list

Removing a Ban

Removing a ban from an account is similar to adding one.

To remove an ban from an account

  1. On the Player Account page, click the Banned Players tab.

              Banned players list
  2. Click the ban icon for the account that you want to reinstate.

              Remove ban
  3. In the confirmation dialog box, click Save.

  4. Click the Accounts tab. The account reappears in the list of players.

Next Steps

After you have added player accounts to your Cloud Gem Portal, you can start using them in your game. The Lumberyard team is always looking for feedback on cloud gems and suggestions for improvements. Feel free to reach out to us on our forums or send email to .