User Guide (Version 1.14)

Setting Up and Accessing the Cloud Gem Portal

Before you can use a Cloud Gem Portal, you must install one or more cloud gems.

To add a cloud gem to your project

  1. Open the Project Configurator. In Lumberyard Editor, click File, Project Settings, Configure Gems.

  2. In the Project Configurator, click Enable Gems next to the project for which you want to enable the new gems. In this example, the CloudGemSamples project is selected.

          Project configurator
  3. Select the cloud gems that you want to enable. In this example, the Cloud Gem Leaderboard and Cloud Gem Message of the Day gems are selected.


    If you are using the CloudGemSamples project, the cloud gem sample gems are already enabled for you.

          Cloud gems
  4. After you have enabled a cloud gem, you must build the project so that the .dll libraries for the gem are included. For more information, see Building Your Game Project.


    If you have not set up any project or deployment stacks using an AWS account, follow the steps in Tutorial: Getting Started with Cloud Canvas to enable AWS in your project.

Accessing the Cloud Gem Portal

To access the Cloud Gem Portal, you can use either Lumberyard Editor or a shared link.

To open the Cloud Gem Portal

  1. Do one of the following:

    • In Lumberyard Editor, click AWS, Open Cloud Gem Portal.

    • If you have been given a shareable link to the Cloud Gem Portal (for example, by another team member), open the link in a browser. Lumberyard does not have to be installed on your computer.

  2. Type your user name and password at the sign-in page.

            Sign in to the Cloud Gem Portal
  3. The first time that you open the Cloud Gem Portal, the launcher checks whether an administrator account exists for your Cloud Gem Portal. If an account does not exist, a new Cloud Gem Portal administrator account is created for you, and Lumberyard Editor provides you with a temporary password. If you launch the Cloud Gem Portal from Lumberyard Editor, the credentials are displayed in a dialog box. If you launch the Cloud Gem Portal from the command line interface, the credentials are displayed in the Lumberyard console.

            Temporary password

    Make a note of the password. Immediately after you use the temporary password to sign in, you are required to update it.


    If you have been given a set of account credentials from someone who has access through Cloud Gem Portal user management, use those credentials instead.

  4. After you sign in, the Cloud Gems page shows the list of cloud gems that are available in your current project and deployment.

            Cloud Gems page

    Click a gem to see its details.

At this point, you can visit one or more of the following links to explore the gems that you are interested in.

To further manage and customize the Cloud Gem Portal, visit the following links.