User Management in the Cloud Gem Portal - Lumberyard User Guide

User Management in the Cloud Gem Portal

Starting in Lumberyard 1.10, the Cloud Gem Portal authentication API requires all Cloud Gem Portal users to have a valid Cloud Gem Portal account to sign in. You can use the new User Administration page in the Cloud Gem Portal for your project to create and manage these accounts. User accounts can have one of two roles: Portal Admin or User. Only users with the Portal Admin role can access the User Administration page and manage other users. User names must be unique, and new users are required to change their password the first time that they sign in.


This feature is not related to the Login with Amazon feature that Lumberyard itself uses. Because your Cloud Gem Portal does not exist publicly and is not registered with Login with Amazon, you cannot use your Login with Amazon account with the Cloud Gem Portal.


This tutorial assumes the following:

  • You are using a Lumberyard project that has the Cloud Gem Framework Gem enabled (in the Project Configurator, select Cloud Gem Player Framework).

  • You have created a project stack in Cloud Canvas Resource Manager.

If you don't meet the prerequisites, follow the steps in Enabling Gems to add Cloud Gem Framework in the Project Configurator. For information on creating a project stack and accessing the Cloud Gem Portal, see Tutorial: Getting Started with Cloud Canvas.

You are responsible for (a) providing legally adequate privacy notices to your end users; (b) obtaining any necessary consent from the end user for the collection, use, transfer, and storage of any name, password, other login information, or personally identifiable information or personal data of any end user that you (or any third-party plug-in or service provider you use) may access; (c) using and authorizing others to access and use the information only for the purposes permitted by the end user; and (d) ensuring the information is collected, used, transferred, and stored in accordance with all laws, rules, and regulations applicable in jurisdictions in which your applications are used.

Managing Users

To manage users of your Cloud Gem Portal, use the User Administration page.

To open the User Administration page

  1. In Lumberyard Editor, choose AWS, Open Cloud Gem Portal. If this is your first time, follow the steps in Tutorial: Getting Started with Cloud Canvas to sign in with your temporary administrator account credentials. You must change your password immediately after you sign in.

  2. Click Administration or its gear icon in the left navigation pane of the Cloud Gem Portal to open the User Administration page.

            User Administration page

The page shows the current list of users that have access to your project's portal. The Cloud Gem Portal has two roles: Portal Admin and User. Administrators have access to the Admin page and can add and remove users. Nonadministrative users do not see the Admin page but have access to cloud gems.

Adding Users

To add a user to your project, you can use the Admin page or the Amazon Cognito management console. Using the Admin page is easier and ensures that the permissions are correct.

To add a user to the Cloud Gem Portal

  1. Click Add New User.

              Add a user
  2. Fill in the fields, which have the restrictions noted.

              Type user information
  • Username – The user name is case sensitive and must not contain spaces. It cannot be changed after it is assigned. Each user name must be unique.

  • Email – Because new users are sent temporary passwords by email, you must provide a valid email address.

  • Temporary Password – A random temporary password is provided by default, but you can change this. The password must have eight characters and include at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one number, and one special (nonalphanumeric) character.

  • Roles – Choose Admin to grant the user access to the Admin page and give them permissions to and remove users. Choose User for other users.

After you create the user, the user is sent an email with the temporary password. After the new user signs in, the user is required to change passwords.

Deleting Users

To delete a user, click the delete icon for the user on the User Administrator page.

          Delete a user

After you confirm the deletion at the confirmation prompt, the user account is removed and the user is no longer able to sign in.

Resetting User Passwords

To reset a user's password, click the arrow next to the delete icon for the user, and then click Reset Password.

          Reset a password