User Guide (Version 1.21)

Managing Bots

This feature is in preview release and is subject to change.

You use the Bots tab to manage your Amazon Lex bots.

To manage bots

  1. Open the Cloud Gem Portal by doing one of the following:

    • In Lumberyard Editor, click AWS, Open Cloud Gem Portal.

    • If you have been given a shareable link to the Cloud Gem Portal (for example, by another team member), open the link in a browser. Lumberyard does not have to be installed on your computer.

  2. Enter your user name and password at the sign-in page.

  3. On the Cloud Gems page, click Speech Recognition.

  4. Click the Bots tab.

          Click Create Bot

This example uses the sample bot located at \dev\CloudGemSamples\Levels\CloudGemSpeechRecogintionSample\lex_test.json.


The misspelling of 'Recognition' in the path to the sample bot will be fixed in a future release.

Creating a Bot

Click Create Bot on the Bots tab to create a bot.

        Creating a bot

The Bot name, Session timeout, and COPPA settings are required.


Although it is easier to create and edit bots with the Cloud Gem Portal, you can also use the Amazon Lex console at For more information, see Create an Amazon Lex Bot (Console). For technical information, see the aws-lex-web-ui/templates/ page on

Importing a Bot

To import an Amazon Lex bot from a local .json file, click Import Bot on the Bots tab.

        Importing a bot

Use the file browser to choose the file. When you do so, Amazon Lex automatically builds a machine learning model for the bot. The build can take some time to finish.

Building a Bot

To build a bot manually, choose Build from the menu for the bot on the Bots tab.

        Build a bot

Amazon Lex builds a machine learning model for the bot. The build can take some time to finish.

Publishing a Bot

Amazon Lex supports publishing versions of bots, intents, and slot types so that you can control the implementation that your client applications use. To publish a bot, choose Publish from the menu for the bot.

        Provide a bot alias

You must provide an Amazon Lex alias to publish a bot. An alias is a pointer to a specific version of a bot with which you can easily update the version that your client application uses. For more information about versioning and aliases, see Versioning and Aliases in the Amazon Lex Developer Guide.

Viewing Bot Versions

To view the versions of a bot, click the arrow to the left of the bot name to expand the version list.

        Viewing bot versions

Exporting a Bot

To export a bot, use the Bots tab. Choose Export from the menu for the bot. This action downloads a .json file that contains the bot definition.

        Exporting a bot

Deleting a Bot

To delete all versions of a bot, click the delete icon for the bot on the main Speech Recognition page.

        Deleting a bot