Using the Text-to-Speech Sample Level - Lumberyard User Guide

Using the Text-to-Speech Sample Level

You can use the text-to-speech sample level to have the Lumberyard character Rin speak sample text that you type. The character uses the Amazon Polly voice that you choose. Lip sync (viseme) information for the animation is generated by the gem. The text-to-speech sample also displays the corresponding closed captioned text as the character speaks.

To run the text-to-speech sample

  1. In the Project Configurator, select the CloudGemSamples project and then launch Lumberyard Editor.

  2. In Lumberyard Editor, choose File, Open or press Ctrl+O.

  3. In the Open a Level dialog box, expand Levels.

  4. Choose TextToSpeechSample, and then click Open.

  5. If this is the first time that you are using the CloudGemSamples project, follow the prompts to initialize resource manager. You will also create a project stack and a deployment in AWS. These operations take a few minutes.

  6. Close Resource Manager.

  7. Click Play Game or press Ctrl+G to run the text-to-speech sample level. The level shows the character Rin and some text boxes.

                    Text to speech sample level
  8. If you just want to try the sample level, you can ignore the Character (opt) box for now. To use this setting, you would first have to create a character in the Cloud Gem Portal and import the character's speech files into the sample level. For information about creating characters, see Text-to-Speech Cloud Gem Portal.

  9. For Voice (opt), choose one of the built-in voices.


    Currently you can choose from 50 Amazon Polly voices. The default voice (Joanna) corresponds to US English. If you choose a voice that corresponds to a different language, the text that you type should correspond to that language. For a complete list of Amazon Polly voices and their corresponding languages, see Available Voices in the Amazon Polly Developer Guide.

  10. For Input Text, enter the text that you want rendered to speech.

  11. Click Submit or press Enter.

The gem uses the voice that you chose to speak the text that you typed, performs Rin's lip synchronization, and shows the closed captioned text.