User Guide (Version 1.21)

Text-to-Speech Cloud Gem Service API Reference

You can use the following API operations on the text-to-speech service.

Operation Verb Description
/service/status GET Returns the service's status. This operation is useful for testing connectivity to the service.
/characters GET Gets a list of all existing characters.
/character POST Creates a new character.
/characterlib GET Gets complete character information for all characters.
/character/{name} DELETE Deletes a character.
/character/{name} GET Gets all character data for the specified character.
/cgp/speechlib/preview POST Gets the audio preview of a speech line. This operation is similar to /tts/voiceline but ignores the /tts/runtimecapabilities settings.
/speechlib/import POST Imports speech library entries. This operation implements the custom file import feature in the Cloud Gem Portal.
/speechlib/filter POST Uses the specified tags to return a subset of speech library entries.
/speechlib POST Adds an entry to the speech library.
/speechlib DELETE Deletes an entry from the speech library.
/speechlib GET Gets a list of all entries in the speech library.
/tts/runtimecapabilities POST Configures the Amazon Polly backend to accept or reject runtime text to speech generation requests from the client.
/tts/runtimecapabilities GET Returns whether the Amazon Polly backend allows runtime generation of text-to-speech files.
/tts/exporter POST Starts the packaging of multiple voice or speech mark files for offline use.
/tts/voiceline POST Uses Amazon Polly to generate the audio for a line.
/tts/speechmarks POST Uses Amazon Polly to generate the speech marks for a line.
/languages GET Returns a list of all languages supported by Amazon Polly.
/voice/language/{voiceId} GET Gets the language of a specific Amazon Polly voice.
/voicelist/language/{language} GET Gets the IDs of all voices provided by Amazon Polly for a given language.
/voicelist GET Gets the IDs of all voices provided by Amazon Polly.