User Guide (Version 1.14)

Cloud Gems

A cloud gem is an individual package of specific cloud-connected functionality, assets, and AWS resource definitions. A cloud gem includes everything required for you to add cloud-connected functionality to your project.

Lumberyard includes the following cloud gems. You can enable them in a project from the Lumberyard Project Configurator tool.

  • Dynamic Content – Allows Lumberyard .pak files that contain new and updated game assets to be uploaded to the cloud for later automatic downloading to the game client.

  • In-Game Survey – Create surveys for your game, test them, and publish them. View survey results and manage your surveys in the Cloud Gem Portal.

  • Leaderboard – Stores a player's high scores and provides leader boards that show player rankings.

  • Message of the Day – Schedules the delivery of messages (for example, new product announcements or holiday greetings) to game clients.

  • Player Account – Provides a standalone player authentication and management solution that uses Amazon Cognito.

  • Speech Recognition – Add speech recognition and natural language processing to your Lumberyard game. The Speech Recognition Cloud Gem uses the Amazon Lex service, which recognizes and understands spoken input.

  • Text to Speech Cloud Gem – Enhance your gameplay and workflows with synthesized speech. The Cloud Canvas Text-to-Speech (TTS) Cloud Gem uses Amazon Polly, which is a text-to-speech service that turns text into lifelike speech.