Command Reorganization - Lumberyard User Guide

Command Reorganization

As of Lumberyard 1.9, the commands made available by the lmbr_aws command line tool have been reorganized. The previous commands are still functional but are subject to removal in a future release.

The following table shows how the previous commands map to the new commands. In a few cases single commands have been split into two or more commands for clarity and ease of use. These are commented accordingly. For information about the commands, see Using the Cloud Canvas Command Line.

Previous Command New Command
add‑login‑provider login‑provider add
add‑profile profile add
add‑resource‑group resource‑group add
clear‑parameter parameter clear
create‑deployment deployment create
create‑project‑stack project create
default‑deployment deployment default
default‑profile profile default
delete‑deployment deployment delete
delete‑project‑stack project delete
get‑function‑log function get‑log
import‑resource resource‑importer import‑resource
list‑deployments deployment list
list‑importable‑resources resource‑importer list‑importable‑resources
list‑mappings mappings list
list‑parameters parameter list
list‑profiles profile list
list‑resource‑groups resource‑group list

project list‑resources

deployment list‑resources

resource‑group list‑resources

The list‑resources command supported ‑‑deployment and ‑‑resource‑group arguments.

The project list‑resources command is the same as list‑resources without the ‑‑deployment and ‑‑resource‑group arguments.

The deployment list‑resources command is the same as list‑resources with only the ‑‑deployment argument.

The resource‑group list‑resources command is the same as list‑resources with both the ‑‑deployment and ‑‑resource‑group arguments.

protect‑deployment deployment protect
release‑deployment deployment release
remove‑login‑provider login‑provider remove
remove‑profile profile remove
remove‑resource‑group resource‑group remove
rename‑profile profile rename
set‑parameter parameter set
update‑deployment‑access‑stack deployment update‑access
update‑login‑provider login‑provider update
update‑mappings mappings update
update‑profile profile update
update‑project‑code project update‑code
update‑project‑stack project upload

You can use project update instead of project upload.

upload‑lambda‑code function upload‑code

deployment upload

resource‑group upload

The upload‑resources command supported a ‑‑resource‑group argument.

The deployment upload command is the same as upload‑resources without the ‑‑resource‑group argument.

The resource‑group upload command is the same as upload‑resources with the ‑‑resource‑group argument.

You can use deployment update and resource‑group update instead of deployment upload and resource‑group upload.

Argument Aliases

As a convenience, aliases have been added for the following common arguments.

Argument Alias Equivalent
‑‑assume‑role ‑R
‑‑confirm‑aws‑usage ‑C
‑‑deployment ‑d
‑‑function ‑f
‑‑log‑stream‑name ‑l
‑‑parameter ‑p
‑‑profile ‑P
‑‑resource‑group ‑r
‑‑value ‑v