Testing Different Mappings - Lumberyard User Guide

Testing Different Mappings

Open 3D Engine (O3DE), the successor to Lumberyard, is now available in Developer Preview. Download O3DE or visit the AWS Game Tech blog to learn more.

To test your client with different Cloud Canvas resource deployments, you can export mappings by using Cloud Canvas Resource Manager or the lmbr_aws command line.


As of Lumberyard 1.11, separate mappings are exported for the player game client and game server to differentiate the resources that are visible to each.

To export mappings from Cloud Canvas Resource Manager

  • In Resource Manager, do one of the following:

    • Left click a deployment and click Export Mapping in the main window.

    • Right click the name of a deployment name the list, and then select Export Mapping from the context menu.

    The following image shows both options.

          Export Mapping

To export a mapping from the command line

  • Enter the following command, where <name> is the name of your deployment.

    lmbr_aws mappings update --deployment <name>

The mapping files for the specified deployment are created in the \dev\<project_name\Config directory and have the format <deployment_name>.player.awsLogicalMappings.json and <deployment_name>.server.awsLogicalMappings.json.


Using the command line to export mappings makes it easy for you to create scripts for testing or development.

Selecting a Deployment with a PC Launcher

After you have exported one or more mappings, you can choose the mapping to use when you run a game launcher such as the one at dev\Bin64vcNNN\CloudGemSamplesLauncher.exe.

To direct the launcher to use a specific deployment, use the command line option cc_override_resource_map, as in the following example.

CloudGemSamplesLauncher.exe -cc_override_resource_map Config\dev.player.awsLogicalMappings.json

The argument for the cc_override_resource_map parameter specifies the mapping file that you want to use.

If you have exported a single mapping file to the launcher, the launcher uses that mapping file by default. If you have exported multiple mapping files to the launcher, you must select a mapping by using the cc_override_resource_map parameter. If you don't specify a mapping after multiple mappings have been exported, the launcher gives an error message, and no mapping is loaded.