Cloud Canvas Tools in Lumberyard Editor - Lumberyard User Guide

Cloud Canvas Tools in Lumberyard Editor

The tools in Lumberyard Editor make it easy for you to connect your game to AWS. To get started, click AWS in the Lumberyard Editor menu bar:

      AWS menu

The AWS menu has the following options:

  • Credentials manager – Select or manage one or more AWS profiles that provide credentials to access your AWS account. For more information, see Managing Cloud Canvas Profiles.

  • Cloud Canvas – Choose from among the following options:

          Cloud Canvas menu
  • Commerce – Choose from among the following options for monetizing your game:

  • GameLift – Use the Amazon GameLift service to rapidly deploy and scale session-based multiplayer games with no upfront costs. For more information, see Amazon GameLift. The GameLift menu itself also has links to more information.

  • Open AWS Console – Get quick access to the main AWS Management Console and to the consoles for Amazon Cognito, DynamoDB, Amazon S3, and Lambda:

          Open the AWS Management Console

    These links use your currently active AWS profile to connect to AWS. You can use Credentials Manager to select which profile is active.