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Blast Family component

This feature is an experimental release and is subject to change.

With the Blast Family component, you can enable destruction simulation using the NVIDIA Blast library, and set properties for the simulation. The Blast Family component is used with the Blast Family Mesh Data component. This topic describes the properties of the Blast Family component.

The Blast Family component is provided by the NVIDIA Blast gem.

For information on using the Blast Family component see Simulated destruction with NVIDIA Blast.

Blast Family component properties

                Properties of the Blast Family component
Blast Asset

The blast asset that will be used for the destruction simulation.

Blast Material

A blast material from the blast material library. Blast materials define how much damage various forces cause to the bonds holding the fractured asset together, and how much damage is required to trigger destruction. For more information, see Specify destruction properties with Blast materials.

Physics Material

The physics material for the blast asset. Physics materials define physical properties such as friction.

Collision Layer

The collision layer for this Blast Family.

Collides With

The collision group containing the layers that this Blast Family collides with.


When enabled, this Blast Family's collision will be part of the PhysX simulation.

In Scene Queries

When enabled, this Blast Family's colliders will be available for scene queries.

CCD Enabled

When enabled, this Blast Family will use continuous collision detection. CCD is useful for ensuring accurate collision detection for high-speed objects.


Set a tag for this Blast Family. Tags can be used to quickly identify components in script or code.