Comment - Lumberyard User Guide


The Comment component allows you to add long-form text comments for component entities. When enabled, the Comment component displays a dialog box that expands based on the size of the comment that you enter. The following examples demonstrate how you can use the comment text box:

  • Explain how the scripts or components on an entity interact with other scripts or components

  • Describe how everything in a level ties together

  • Send descriptions, instructions, or notes to team members

Comment Properties

The Comment component has the following property:

Comment text box

Stores the user comment for the component entity.

Default: None

Using the Comment Component

You can use this feature by adding the component to an entity in your level.

To use the Comment component

  1. In Lumberyard Editor, right-click the viewport in your level, and click Create entity.

  2. In the Entity Inspector, click Add Component.

  3. Under Editor, click Comment.

  4. In the Entity Inspector, under Comment, add comments for the component entity in the text box.