User Guide (Version 1.18)


This feature is in preview release and is subject to change.

You can use the OccluderArea component to create a custom-shaped occlusion plane with four vertices. This is useful if you do not want Lumberyard to render everything that is behind the OccluderArea component. This can result in better performance in areas where automatic occlusion does not work well. For example, if you have many objects behind a wall, you can add an occluder area behind the wall, so that those objects do not appear.


The OccluderArea, Portal, and VisArea components can't be modified at run time.

OccluderArea Component Properties

The OccluderArea component has the following properties:


Displays the occluder area as a filled volume in the Lumberyard Editor viewport.

Default value: True


A multiplier on the range at which the culling effect will stop.

Valid values: 0100


The occluder area works inside visible areas.

Default value: False


Specify whether the occluder area works from both sides.

Default value: True


The vertices that define the shape of the occluder area. Occluder areas always have four vertices.

Occluder Area Component Example

The following example shows two boxes. One box is hidden behind the occluder area, but you can see its shadow. The other box is outside the occluder area and appears normally on screen.

                OccluderArea component with two boxes.