Reverting and Forcing Overrides - Lumberyard User Guide

Reverting and Forcing Overrides

When you change any part of a slice instance, such as adding a component, removing a component, or modifying a component property, you create an override. Overrides to component properties are highlighted with bold orange text in the Entity Inspector. You can revert the override to remove the override in order to resume inheriting from the source slice.

To revert property overrides

  1. In the Entity Inspector, right-click the property, component, or entity that you modified.

  2. Choose Revert overrides and choose one of the following:

    • Property – Revert changes to the property that you selected.

    • Component – Revert all changes to the component that you selected.

    • Entity – Revert all changes to the entity that you selected, such as added or removed components or changed properties.

  • In the Entity Inspector, reverting overrides to a parent entity doesn't revert overrides to its children. This only affects changes that you made directly to the parent entity.

  • If you revert overrides to the parent entity in Entity Outliner, this change also reverts overrides to its children.

Forcing a Property Override

Unmodified properties inherit changes made to the source slice. If you don't want a property to inherit changes from the source slice, you can create an override to the property.

To force a property override

  1. In the Entity Inspector, right-click an unchanged component property.

  2. Choose Force property override.

                            Override changes for a property on a component.

    The property override appears orange to indicate that it no longer inherits modifications from the slice.