User Guide (Version 1.18)

Tube Shape

This feature is in preview release and is subject to change.

You can use the Tube Shape component to create a tube-like volume along a spline shape. To create a tube shape, you use a Spline component to define its volume and specify a radius. You can specify a different tube radius at each point in the spline.


The Tube Shape component requires the Spline component.

Example Tube Shape Component

                Example Tube Shape component in Lumberyard Editor.

Tube Shape Properties

                Tube Shape component and its properties in
                    Lumberyard Editor.

See the following Tube Shape properties.

Name Description


The Tube Shape component always appears in the viewport, even if the entity is not selected.

Game View

If selected, the tube shape renders in game mode in Lumberyard Editor.

To enter game mode, press Ctrl + G.


The radius of the tube.

Variable Radius

Defines the variable radius at each point along the spline. This value is added to the radius to calculate the final radius of the tube.

EBus Request Bus Interface

You can use the event bus (EBus) interface to communicate with other components in your game. For more information, see Working with the Event Bus (EBus) System.

Request Name Description Parameter Return Scriptable
GetRadius Returns the radius of the tube. Void Float Yes
GetTotalRadius Returns the total interpolated radius of the tube. This is the sum of the radius and the variable radius. SplineAddress Float Yes
GetVariableRadius Returns the variable radius along the spline. Int Float Yes
SetRadius Sets the radius of the tube. Float Void Yes
SetVariableRadius Sets the variable radius of the tube at a spline point. Int, Float Void Yes


The following script uses the request bus interface.

function Script:OnActivate() TubeShapeComponentRequestsBus.Event.SetRadius(self.entityId, 5.0); end