UI Canvas Asset Ref - Lumberyard User Guide

UI Canvas Asset Ref

With the UI Canvas Asset Ref component, you can associate a UI canvas with a component entity in a level.

When you set up a UI canvas asset ref component, you can:

  • Select whether to automatically load the UI canvas when the level loads

  • Use Script Canvas that is associated with the UI canvas to reference it using the UI Canvas Asset Ref Script Canvas nodes.

Use this component in conjunction with the UI Canvas on Mesh component if you want to place a UI canvas on a 3D mesh that a player can interact with.

For more information about how to use the UI Canvas Asset Ref component, see Placing UI Canvases in the 3D World.

UI Canvas Asset Ref Component Properties

The UI Canvas Asset Ref component has the following properties:

Canvas pathname

The relative pathname of the UI canvas asset file.

Load automatically

If selected, the canvas is automatically loaded when this component entity is loaded, typically when the level is loaded.