Vegetation Layer Spawner - Lumberyard User Guide

Vegetation Layer Spawner

Use the Vegetation Layer Spawner component to define areas and rules for procedurally placing dynamic vegetation or other static meshes in your Lumberyard level.

To use the Vegetation Layer Spawner component, you must enable the Vegetation gem.

With the Vegetation Layer Spawner component, you can do the following:

  • Create vegetation within a user-defined area at runtime

  • Configure layer settings to determine the depth or relative ordering in which to apply vegetation layers

  • (Optional) Add modifier and filter components to add variation to placed vegetation

  • (Optional) Use selector components to determine which vegetation assets to place at a given location

  • Control the preview settings for attached components

  • Inherit behavior from a parent Vegetation Layer Blenders component

Add the following required components when using the Vegetation Layer Spawner component:

  • A Shape or Vegetation Reference Shape component to define the vegetation's spawn area

  • The Vegetation Asset List component to list mesh assets, material assets, and other settings for the vegetation

The following optional components change the Vegetation Layer Spawner component's behavior:

  • Vegetation Filter components use various conditions to determine whether to create vegetation

  • Vegetation Modifier components change the appearance of generated vegetation

  • Vegetation Selector components determine which asset descriptors are selected for creation

For information on how to use the Vegetation Layer Spawner, see Dynamic vegetation.